4 Ways to Financially Prepare for 2021

4 Ways to Financially Prepare for 2021

Happy Monday!

As I reflect on my financial goals

Where I came from, where I am currently, where I want to go.

I can honestly say that I see a lot of growth.

I came a long way!

One of the major realizations that I have had is that managing and growing your finances is all about your mindset.

You really have to go from a mindset of poverty, lack, and instant gratification to a mindset of wealth, abundance, and patience, especially when you come from where I come from.

This journey is easier said than done.

Most people who are mentally living in a state of poverty are

  1. okay with it  
  2. don’t even realize they living in it

Managing and growing your finances is also about ACTION!

It takes YOU to create and engage in certain habits so that you can reach the financial goals you set for YOU!

YOU and only YOU!

As we prepare for the New Year, I want to leave you with 4 tips that you can use to prepare for a new and abundant year!

2021 will be the best year of our lives! Claim it and prepare for it!

  1. Create A Budget– A budget is a tool that you use to track your money that is coming in and realizing how your money is being spent! Having a budget is crucial to your financial success.

*Did you know that if you have Microsoft 365 you have access to your own personal finance tool. Use this tool to track your spending.

  • Go Through Your Mail– I spent some time decluttering this week and one of the task I engaged in was going through my mail. I found a few bills that I needed to take care of and I also came across a way for me to make $20 through my insurance company. Go through your mail. You never know what you might find.
  • Set financial goals– Realistically think about the financial goals that you want to reach in 2021. What debt do you need to get rid of? What debt do you want to make extra payments on? What is your student loan repayment strategy? Do you have an emergency fund? How is your credit? What financial goals do you want to reach in 2021?
  • Educate yourself on ways to grow your money – There are many ways to grow your money and make your money work for you naturally. Having a savings and checkings account is not enough and will not support you in reaching your finance goals. One of the tools that I am educating myself on is the stock market. In March, I opened a Stash account and invested a few 100 dollars in the account. As of today, my money in that account has doubled. I did that by choosing companies and industries that I like and that I thought would bounce back. I love it and in 2021 my goal is to become skilled in this area. I want to invest more and risk more.

As always, I appreciate you for reading!

Please share 1 task you are engaging in to financially prepare for the New Year.

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  1. minimumman

    Love this, great tips and a great read. – Jay @ the Minimum Man

    1. antinettewatsonoutlookcom

      Thank you so much for reading. I appreciate it! Have a great day!

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