5 Ways To Elevate In Your Career in Human Services

5 Ways To Elevate In Your Career in Human Services

Hey Developers!

Happy Friday!

Today I wanted to share with you 5 tips to support you in ELEVATING as a Human Service Professional.

Before, I get into dropping the gems that will promote you in elevation, I want you to know that if you SERVICE humans, you are a HUMAN SERVICE PROFESSIONAL and my content is for YOU!


In order for you to be the best Human Service Professional you can be, you have to understand that your number 1 role is to alleviate the stress of your clients, even if you are having a bad day. I have worked in several traditional and nontraditional roles in the field of Human Services, and I have witnessed staff, antagonize and wreck havoc on their clients/customers because they are having a bad day. You will not ELEVATE in your career, if you mood can be so easily altered that it effects your job performance.


In order for you to ELEVATE in your career as a Human Service Professional, it is your job to create change in the lives of your client and in your work environment. Be apart of the change in your career field. If you do not like something DOCUMENT IT, SPEAK UP, & CREATE CHANGE. Your role as a Human Service Professional is change agent.


You want to SUCCEED as a Human Service Professional,  it is a must that you use evidence based and strength based approaches when working with your clients. Not the techniques you learned in the streets or your home environment, but you must fill your toolbox with techniques that have been proven to work with population that you are serving. If you are just entering the field or a seasoned vet, I encourage you to read books on a consistent basis that will support you in serving your clients/customers in a effective manner.


You want to be successful as a Human Service Professional. Create a plan, however, you have to be okay with that plan failing. Human Services can be unpredictable. Depending on the setting, change can occur at any moment, and you have to be able to go with the flow. If not, then you will have to deal with emotions of anger, defeat, sadness, disappointment, and so on. Just keep in mind that, every time a plan fails, it means you tried, and you have a better chance of succeeding next time. Be flexible. Stay unattached. There are too many elements at play in the field of Human Services for events to work out the way they are planned all the time.


Last but not least, you cannot fill from and empty cup. I have found that we as service providers do a great job of taking care of others, but when it comes to taking care of ourselves, we do not do so well. This has to STOP! There is no way that you can successfully take care of another person, if your own home is in shambles. Let us make taking care of ourselves, while doing our best to live in our purpose and take care of others, a priority!