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Did you just celebrate a major WIN recently?

Happy Monday! I got such a great response from the last message that I decided to bring it to you again this week. Disclaimer: This message will not apply to everyone. If it applies to you, cool! Leave me a message and let me know. If it does not, that is cool too. Come back […]

Are you currently suffering from the aftermath of a loss or disappointment?

Good Morning! This message was created to support you in having positive outcomes in your life. This messages will not apply to everyone. In the words of my mother, “Eat the meat & throw away the bone.” Here we go….. There is someone in my tribe who is currently experiencing the aftermath of some type […]

3 Ways to Heal Your Heart To Manifest Your Desires!

Hey now! Happy Monday! It is a great day to be alive! I hope you had the time to read my last post where I shared with you a tool that you can use to manifest what you truly desire at a faster rate! The link is below if you have not: Let’s get into […]

How To Change Your Negative Habits To Reach Your Goals

Hey hey heyyyy! How are you doing on this lovely Monday? I am doing well. Thank you for asking! Today I wanted to share with you some powerful information that will support you and I, in reaching our goals in 2021! I have a lot of goals that I wrote down that I want to […]

7 Steps Process to Reach Any Goal in 2021

Hey hey! How are ya? I am doing pretty well. Today I wanted to share with you a process that you can add to your life, that if you engage in this practice just once a year, you will have a greater chance in reaching the goals you set for yourself. That process is creating […]

What is the energy behind your age?

Hey hey hey!! This week is incredibly special to me. Why? Ya girl is turning 32 on Saturday. Yes, 32! I know I know, 32 where right. I said the same thing, but it is happening, and I am getting ready! Ever since I could remember, my birthday has always been a big deal. My […]