Did you just celebrate a major WIN recently?

Did you just celebrate a major WIN recently?

Happy Monday!

I got such a great response from the last message that I decided to bring it to you again this week.

Disclaimer: This message will not apply to everyone. If it applies to you, cool! Leave me a message and let me know. If it does not, that is cool too. Come back next week.

Here we go:

There’s a person in my tribe who recently celebrated a major success.

Did you just get a raise? Start a new job/business?

Did you just recently celebrate something major with your family?

You could have recently just celebrated a success in your career, your household, or your coin.

Whatever it was, it was beautiful. A nice ending and a new journey is now on the horizon.

This is a beautiful space to be in.

You are winning!

If you relate to this current feeling,

I’m being told to let you know that you are leveling up!

You are starting a new journey and on this new journey you need a tribe of people surrounding you that support you.

This could look like a great group of friends/family members who have your back or this could be related to building and expanding your team so you can work effectively in your new position.

You can’t accomplish the amount of greatness you want accomplish on this next level that you’re going on by yourself.

I’m also being told that you are dealing with some trust issues.

Although you have accomplished so much you struggle with connecting with others, building relationships, and networking.

I understand your fears, but you have do something about it if you are ready to achieve new levels of success.

Doing it alone may have worked for you in the past but it’s not going to work for you on this new journey. You have already accomplished so much but there is more that you want to achieve.

You need to be supported by the right people. Individuals who can support you in growing and elevating to the next level.

To overcome this challenge, this struggle of connecting with others you have to know that you get what you give, you attract what you are. To get a friend you must be a friend.

At this moment, I think it’s important that you get clear about the type of relationships that you need and want, to support you as you elevate through the next phase of your life and then begin to act like a person who is already involved in those type of relationships.

It’s important that you get clear on what the next level looks like so you can manifest that vision into your life.

If you don’t. There’s a lot of stress heading your way.

There is going to be a lot of worry, anxiety, and overthinking.

Your thoughts will overwhelm you because you feel as though you’re doing too much.

Expanding your team and building your tribe of support is crucial to your mental health.

The first step that you need to take to support yourself in building this power team is to begin trusting yourself and following your intuition.

If you are a good person, know you will attract good people and trust that your intuition will let you know when someone isn’t good for you or your next level.

Trust yourself to know that you can deal with any snake in the grass.

If you have a hard time hearing your intuition, spend more time in quiet time with yourself.

Secondly, is important that you keep going.

Understand that you are experiencing a major transformation and you will experience many ups and downs.

Stay strong. This journey is not for the weak. Never forget how far you are have already come.

You have accomplished so much, and you will accomplish so much more.

While on this journey you may begin to realize that as you build new relationships the old relationships that you were in don’t work the way they use to.

You outgrow people.

You will realize the people that you thought would support you will not be those same people that get you to the next level and that is OK.

Everybody has a role.

As long as you or clear on what you need and the people you need in your life to help you fulfill your life’s mission everything will work out fine.

Growth is a part of the journey.

Feel what you feel but continue to move forward.

This change is all for your good.

You don’t need to deal with any drama.

Leave a comment if it resonates……

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