Ep 21: How to Get What You Want

Ep 21: How to Get What You Want

Hey Bosses!

Happy Monday!

A new episode of Boss Talk Conversation is here, and I encourage you to join the conversation.

This week, the focus of the conversation is supporting you in getting whatever it is that you want!

I was 21 and pregnant the first time I asked myself the question:

“What do I want?”

I am now 32 and I have come so far and accomplished so much!

The journey started when I decided to ask myself the question:

“What do  I want?”

In today’s episode, I share

  1. What life was like before I decided to take life into my own hands
  2. What was revealed to me when I asked the question, “What do I want?”
  3. The process I went through to guarantee that I what I wanted come into fruition and some of the successful outcomes that I have had.

It is my hope that by you listening to this episode, you will be inspired on your BOSS journey and you will be able to get clear on what you WANT and not only what you NEED!

You a Boss! It is time to live the life you dream about.

The first step is getting clear on what you want!

Boss Up!



Opportunity for engagement:

Please share 1 (or more goals) with me that you plan to achieve in the next 30-90 days!

I look forward to seeing what you are working on and accomplishing our goals together.

Talk to you soon!

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