Ep 28: The Relationships You Need to Invest In, In 2022!

Ep 28: The Relationships You Need to Invest In, In 2022!

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Happy Wednesday!

Episode 28 of Boss Talk Conversation has just been released titled

“The Relationships You Need To Invest In, In 2022”

This topic is important because I believe we as humans can have whatever we want, but we focus on the wrong things and the wrong people!

In this episode, I support you in identifying those relationships that you should focus on that increase your happiness, encourage your healing, and make you complete.

Episode 28 was created for

  1. Women (& men) seeking to have better relationships in their life
  2. Women looking to be happy, healthy, and whole in every area of their life

In this episode I share

The 6 “Relationships” you should focus on in 2022 and why it’s crucial to do so!

I encourage you to listen to the end, if you are looking to improve your relationships in 2022.

Episode 28 is a great start!

I would love to know your feedback on today’s episode!

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