Ep 29: Creating Safe Spaces for Survivors of Abuse in 2022

Ep 29: Creating Safe Spaces for Survivors of Abuse in 2022

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Episode 29 of Boss Talk Conversation

“Creating Safe Spaces for Survivors in 2022”

has just been released and I want you to join the conversation!

Episode 29 was created for individuals who experienced abuse, family members of survivors of abuse, and I share a quick message for my predators too!

In Episode 29, I share

  • Tips that support survivors in creating a safe space for themselves when attending family events.
  • Tips with family members of survivors that can be implemented to support them in maintaining a safe space for all parties involved.
  • Actions steps that predators can implement to begin healing the relationship with themselves and their families

I don’t think the predators will be checking for my podcast, however, it’s clear that they are still welcome in some environments.

In that case, rather than ignore their ways, encourage them to take the steps I share in the podcast to initiate healing.

I encourage you to listen to this episode to the end if you are a survivor of abuse, family member of a survivor, or a family member who still “hangs” with the predator.

It is important that in 2022, we cultivate safe spaces for all parties involved.

This is a personal topic for me, and you do hear about my experience in the post. I am raw and real. I am me. Lol

If my truth, will be a trigger for you, I encourage you NOT to listen to this episode. 

I am in walking in my truth in 2022 and beyond.

Not to hurt but to heal.


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