Ep 35: Quarter 2-Achieving Your Goals Like A Boss

Ep 35: Quarter 2-Achieving Your Goals Like A Boss

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Happy Monday!

Episode 35 of Boss Talk Conversation

“Quarter 2: Achieving Your Goals Like A Boss”

has just been released and I want you to join the conversation!

In Episode 35, we discuss

Al things Quarter 2!

I answer the questions

  1. What is quarter 2?
  2. Why is planning your life in quarters important and how it helps you to achieve your goals?

I share 3 goals that I am working toward in the next 90 days

  • Getting finances in order as a fulltime entrepreneur
  • Equipping team with the skills they need to be successful
  • Increasing customer flow

I also share factors that may prevent you from achieving the goals you will to achieve within the next 90 days

Including but not limited to

  1. Inaction
  2. COnfusion
  3. Comfort Zones
  4. Lack of Resources
  5. Fear

I would love to know your feedback on today’s episode!

Hit me on my DM on IG @Antinette_Develops or email me tgn@antinettedevelops.com.

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