Ep 37: What Makes You Valuable?

Ep 37: What Makes You Valuable?

Hey hey 

Happy Friday!

 Episode 37 of Boss Talk Conversation

“What Makes You Valuable”

has just been released and I want you to join the conversation

Episode 37 was created for my entrepreneurs and side hustla’s

  1. Who struggle with confidently articulating their value to their customer
  2. Who struggle with developing a price that makes cents/sense

In this episode we discuss

  1. How you know you need to raise your prices
  2. How to understand the value you bring to your business
  3. How to articulate your value to others
  4. How to use your why to increase your value
  5. Things to think about when developing your pricing

I really hope you enjoyed this episode, and I hope by the end, you will

  1. Have a better understanding of the value you bring to the table
  2. Have the confidence to state and possibly raise your prices
  3. Be able to better articulate your value to your customer

I would love to know your feedback on today’s episode! 

Hit me on my DM on IG @Antinette_Develops or email me tgn@antinettedevelops.com.

Talk to you soon!

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