Ep 38: Is Hiring A Coach Necessary for Your Success?

Ep 38: Is Hiring A Coach Necessary for Your Success?


Hey hey 

Happy Thursday!

Episode 38 of Boss Talk Conversation

“Is Hiring A Coach Necessary for Your Success?”

has just been released and I want you to join the conversation

Episode 38 was created for my entrepreneurs and side hustla’s who

  1. Has thought about working with a coach
  2. Know they want to work with a coach but believe that they can’t afford it
  3. Who want to learn tips, tools, and strategies that will support you in finding the right coach for YOU and your business!

In this episode we discuss

  1. What is a coach– Should your coach have a certification, degree?
  2. Coaching Vs. Consulting- Know what you need upfront
  3. I share the lessons that I have learned in some of the coaching relationships that I have had over the years (Power of my personal story, How to create a business plan, How to write a proposal to get a raise)
  4. How to choose the right coach for you!
  5. How to find good coaches on a budget

I really hope you enjoy episode 38, and I hope by the end, you will be inspired to

  1. Invest your time and money into coaching
  2. Be inspired to do what is required to be the boss you desire!

I start preaching towards the end. I relistened to the episode and gave myself chills! Lol

I would love to know your feedback on today’s episode! 

P.S If you are looking for some to educate, motivate, inspire your audience, through speaking or facilitating a workshop, I encourage you to email tgn@antinettedevelops.com!

Much love!

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