Ep 39: June 2022 “Don’t Let Nothing Stop You From This Moment.”

Ep 39: June 2022 “Don’t Let Nothing Stop You From This Moment.”

Hey hey 

Happy Monday!

Episode 39 of Boss Talk Conversation is here!

I use to tarot to help me grow personally and professionally and I am now offering that skillset to YOU!

In Episode 39, I present to you your June 2022 Energy Reading titled

“Don’t Let Nothing Stop You From This Moment!”

This reading is for the individual who is filled with many ideas and need to step outside of their comfort zone to make their vision a reality. The breakthrough that you need, you will not find in a book. It is time to put your feet to the pavement!

This person has recently experienced some heartbreak, disappointment, grief, and it is time to make a decision. Do what you gotta do for you boo! Make the decision so you can emerge like the boss you are!

This too shall pass!

So many gems dropped in this episode, check it out and let me know if it resonates with you!

I encourage you to listen either way, you never know what you might get from the message.

I would love to know your feedback on today’s episode! 

Hit me on my DM on IG @Antinette_Develops or email me tgn@antinettedevelops.com.

Talk to you soon!


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