Ep 42: July Monthly Manifestation Reading

Ep 42: July Monthly Manifestation Reading

Ep 42: July Monthly Manifestation Reading

Good morning!

Your July Monthly Manifestation Reading is here! 

I will provide you with a quick recap below.

If you are feeling what is being discussed below, I encourage you to listen to podcast episode 42 on Boss Talk Conversation so you are here the message and gems being dropped in its entirety!

Lets get into it!

First of all, I start out the episode saying that it is episode 43. WRONG! You are listening to episode 42, not 43 lol.

I pull 12 cards.

  1. Who is this message for?

The message is for the person who is on a journey divinely guided by God. This person may be experiencing endings and cannot see the good in the situation. They have a hard time recognizing that this is all a part of God’s plan. 

* Someone may also be engaging in self sabotaging behavior. Feeling stuck or trapped. This is not true. These are all self-imposed.

2. Theme for Month of July

Manage your emotions. Maintain balance. Maintain control. Don’t let your emotions control you this month. Act according to the plan. Stay grounded.

3. What you need to let go of in the month of July?

Not seeing the good in situations. Feeling sorry for yourself. Dreaming and faithing it out. It’s time to ACT! 

4. What entering your life?

Happiness. Abundance. Expect good things to happen.

5. What to expect in your relationships in the month of July?

Lead with love. Sometimes you have to be the example. Know you are SUPPORTED! Utilize your resources.

6. What to expect in business/career?

Be mindful of how your emotions guide you in the month of July. Don’t make decisions based off your emotions. Stick to the plan. Utilize the people in your life.

7. What to expect in your finances?

It is time time to level up! Elevate. Do better than what you did last month. Are you going on a trip? Starting to pay money towards a trip. I see that for you! You deserve it! Explore ideas regarding creatively making money in the month of July.

8. Challenges and obstacles?

Too much on your plate. I see you narrowing your focus. This is a good thing but also a challenge for you. 

9. Advice/encouragement

Every time you walk away from something that no longer serves you, you walk towards something better. 

Reflect on all the times YOU decided to walk away from something that no longer serves you. How did things turn out for you?

What is going to be different this time?

I ended the reading by pulling 3 extra cards. Tune in to receive the extra messages!

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