Ep 45: August 2022 “Don’t Forget Your Magic! There is POWER in your AUTHENTICITY!”

Ep 45: August 2022 “Don’t Forget Your Magic! There is POWER in your AUTHENTICITY!”

Ep 45: August Monthly Manifestation Reading

Good Morning!

Your August Monthly Manifestation Reading is here! 

I will provide you with a quick recap below. If you are feeling what is being discussed below, I encourage you to to listen to podcast episode 45 on Boss Talk Conversation so you hear the messages and gems being dropped in its entirety!

Lets get into it!

The message starts at about 3min & 30 secs

I pull 12 cards.

  1. Who is this message for?

This message is for you if you have made the decision to move forward and you are trying to figure some things out. This person is experiencing a  “reset”. Starting a new journey on an elevated and internal level. 

2. Theme for Month of August

Don’t forget your magic! You can bring into existence anything you wish. Manifest from an authentic place.

3. What you need to let go of in the month of August?

The thought that you are starting from ground “0”. You are not. You are building off of experience.

4. What’s entering your life in the month of August?

A variety of offers and opportunities heading your way. Every opportunity is NOT for you YOU!

5. What to expect in your relationships in the month of August?

There could be some stressful or anxious time in your relationships right now. 

6. What to expect in business/career in the month of August?

Be vulnerable and be and stay true to yourself!

7. What to expect in your finances?

Someone has a check coming in the mail. An opportunity is coming your way that will improve your financial situation

8. Challenges and obstacles?

Procrastination. Thinking you have an unlimited amount of time, and you don’t.

9. Advice/encouragement

Take care of yourself. Make yourself and your healing a priority! Be kind to yourself during the process.

I ended the reading by pulling 3 extra cards. Tune in to receive the extra messages!

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