Ep 46: How to Stop Being A Procrastinator?

Ep 46: How to Stop Being A Procrastinator?

Hey hey family!

It’s Tuesday, so you know what that means

A new Episode of Boss Talk Conversation has just been released

Ep 46: How to Stop Being A Procrastinator?

I encourage you to listen to this episode if you

  • been struggling with staying consistent with reaching your goals.
  • You set the goal, but you struggle with actually bringing it into fruition 
  • you say you want to reach your goal in a certain amount of time, but that time has come and gone, and the goal is still on your wish list!

The goal of the today’s conversation is to

  1. Support you in gaining a deeper understanding of the reasons WHY you procrastinate. Knowing your WHY is the starting point to any successful journey. 
  2. Expose you to strategies that support you in overcoming the challenge of procrastination

I hope you enjoy today’s episode. I would love to know your feedback on today’s episode and I also want you to join the conversation on IG! 

@Antinette_Develops or email me tgn@antinettedevelops.com.

Talk to you soon!

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