EP 50: Rebranding, Girls Trip, & Therapy

EP 50: Rebranding, Girls Trip, & Therapy


Good Morning & Happy Tuesday!

I would like to welcome you to episode 50 of Boss Talk Conversation, 

a podcast where we have weekly discussions that encourages you and teaches you how to design & live your best life and support you in overcoming the obstacles that arise on your personal success journey!

If you are new here, my name is Antinette and I am a 


Entrepreneur (the stand, tgn, author, tarot)

A 33 year of women determined to live life on my own terms!

I created this podcast to document my journey, and to also share the journeys of others!

Today we gon talk about a few things

Rebranding the podcast + Girls trips + Therapy

I would encourage you to listen to this episode if

  1. Enjoy listening to the stories and experiences of others
  2. Going through the process of rebranding, personally or professionally,
  3. If you plan on going a girls trip soon and want to gain some ideas and tips that support you in having a fun trip!!
  4. Discuss the enlightening moments of my last therapy session



I am rebranding my podcast

Name change




50 episodes in

New Podcast

  • Women like me who are on a journey to become the best version of themselves
  • This women has experienced trauma and drama and is ready to heal
  • This women has goals and is determined to learn and apply what she needs to learn so she can makes her dreams come true
  • This women is ready to transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly

This women listens to my podcast to help her do just that

The goal is to

  •  post weekly for the next 12 months! That’s 52 episodes!
  • Share more of my personal stories – more vulnerable, more authentic
  • Interview more: share stories of others who are reaching their goals, living their dreams, 
  • Video podcast
  • Live & Virtual Events associated with podcast

As I prepare for this relaunch,

What type of content would you like to see on the podcast, topics you would like me to discuss, people you want me to interview, please let me know.

Audit my podcast

I appreciate the feedback!

Girls Trip

Bestest weekend in DC; Usually a group

When was the last time you went on a girls trip? Or just a weekend getaway with you and ya best friend?

Are girls thing a thing in your friend group? If so where have you been and what did you do? 

My favorite girls trip thus far was Texas.. Shit was lit!

Anyways.. My bestest and  I traveled from De to Dc. We was lit and it was lit lol. 

The first night we arrived to our hotel and changed into our girls trip shirts! Went to U Street. We had fun. Stumbled across a comedy show that was funny. Then went to eat at Oohh’s and aahh’s and sat at this outdoor bar afterwards. Wish i remembered the name because I want to shout them out. Service was good. Drinks was strong. And it was my type of music. While going to get my bestest some water this man stopped me and talked to me about falling in love with his therapist. 

Day 2

I got to sleep in and felt so goooood. I have the option of sleeping in at home, i guess, being as though i make my own schedule but I can’t. Because when i am home, i am in work mode. Period.

When we finally got up around 12pm lol we went to get something to eat.  We went to this restaurant called Ben’s next door. OMG so good. I loved it. My bartender was black and beatiful. I still see her smile in my mind now. Pretty young Black girl. The food came out fast. I order a salmon and grits, deviled eggs, platter. It sets the vibe. When i get my space, whatever space it may be. Music will be blasting through the airways. It is a must!

Went to smash room

Ate crabs..

Parking was wack..

Day 3

I was ready to go. 

We ate breakfast at Virginia Kitchen .. Good Food. Banana Nut Bread French Toast.. Never again

Then we came home


I had a realization while walking. Was out of breath more than i wanted to be down there. It was just a realization that i have to stay consistent with working out especially as i get older. I don’t want to ever get to place where i can workout and be mobile or too physically tired to be active. No mam. No sir lol

I got a membership at the Y. Haven’t been in a gym in over 10 years. Cancel membership when Covid hit. So i am back. Going in at least once per week is fine with me. I will still workout at home and walk my dog. 

Although working out and being active is important. Diet is even more important. I have been eating and drinking and doing the most. I allow myself to over  indulge sometimes with out feeling guilty, but now it is time to real myself back in

I chose the Y because of the scholarship they offer to families who make a certain amount of money, they have a gym, pool, and group classes that offered in the membership. 

The goal is to mix it up and add variety to my daily regimen as it pertains to working out and eating a diet that is clean and lean 80% of the time.

The other 20% imma do me. All work and no play is my motto. So imma need some space and grace to eat what I want lol and feel good about it lol

I been loving the feedback that I have been getting about the smoothies! I keep posting for sure and other things that I do that support me in maintaining my health in my 30s WOW!

Moving forward

Last topic of today is therapy!

I have been seeing my current therapist for a year

Goal is to build relationships

“Who broke your trust”

First response, “My dad”, but when the conversation was over, I reflected more and I can’t give all that to him

  • Bruh 
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Aunts & Uncles
  • Cousins
  • Boyfriends
  • Bestfriends

I have to make another appt to process

But this realization that so many people have broke my trust that I have a distorted view of people

I had a conversation with my inner child


Thank you for listening

Rebranding the podcast + Girls trips + therapy

Did you like today’s episode?

Please let me know

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