Episode 11: Goal Setting- Activities vs Outcomes

Episode 11: Goal Setting- Activities vs Outcomes

Hey hey!

Episode 11 is now HERE!!

In episode 11, I share ONE of my proven goal setting strategies that will support you in TAKING ACTION on the goals that YOU design for YOU!

You will learn

  1. The difference between activities and outcomes
  2. The POWER associated with writing goals as outcomes and not as activities
  3. How to implement this strategy in your goal setting ritual

This episode is for you

  1. If you find yourself setting goals and having a hard time sticking to your goals.
  2. If you are ready to learn a strategy that will support you in having long term success long after your goal is achieved

It is a must that you add this strategy to your goal setting ritual if want to live life on your terms!


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I support my clients and in gaining clarity and taking action in their lives

If you are ready to stop playing small in your life and take the necessary actions to achieve your goals, I am your girl!

If you can’t afford this investment at this time, that is okay.

There are many ways that we can partner together with little to no funds necessary.

  1. Purchase y book, “The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Greatness”.
  2. Antinettedevolops.com – blog, podcast, Ask Antinette
  3. Private Fb Group – “Boss Talk Conversation”

If you can’t invest your money, begin by investing your time!

Much love

Until next time!

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