Episode 20: How to Stop Domestic Violence Like A Boss

Episode 20: How to Stop Domestic Violence Like A Boss

Hey Bosses!

Episode 20 is Now Available on Boss Talk Conversations with Antinette.

There are many areas that we must focus on as a boss. One of them being our relationships. Romantic and Platonic.

Today’s conversation will speak to the area of relationships. Not just relationships but the abuse that can possibly occur in our relationships.

If you did not know. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

I grew up seeing domestic violence.

I was in my own relationship that was filled with abuse.

I also was very abusive.

In this episode I am real and vulnerable!

If you are in to that I encourage you to listen to this episode NOW!

This episode is for

  1. bosses who enjoy listening to other peoples stories
  2. bosses who have been involved in abusive situations or who is currently going through abuse
  3. Bossed who know people who are in abusive relationships

The information shared will be helpful to you or the person you know.

One last thing.

If you could leave a comment and share a positive message with someone who may be involved in an abusive relationship, I would greatly appreciate it.

Alright now.

Talk to you soon!

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