Episode 22: How to Improve Your Self Esteem

Episode 22: How to Improve Your Self Esteem

Hey Bosses!

Happy Monday!

You know what today is! It’s new podcast MONDAY!! Ayyyeee!

In todays episode we are discussing all thing SELF ESTEEM!

We will discuss

  1. What is self esteem?
  2. The signs of low self esteem.
  3. What contributes to low self esteem?
  4. How low self esteem can impact your life as a boss?
  5. Step you can take to raise your self-esteem.


If you are someone who struggles with knowing your worth and want to learn ways to increase your personal value, I encourage you to listen to this episode NOW.

Please let me know you thoughts on the episode in the comments.


Have you struggled with low self esteem in the past or presently? What have you done or what are you currently doing to get over this hump?

I look forward to hearing from YOU!

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