Episode 3: How to Manage Your Time Like A BOSS Part 1

Welcome to Episode 3 of Boss Talk Conversations with Antinette.

This episode is all about supporting you in managing your time like a BOSS.

I created this 2 part series because I want to take the excuse away from you that you don’t have enough time.

That is a lie that you can no longer tell yourself.

There are a total of 9 strategies. In this episode, I share 4!

1. Identify your why

2. Identify where your time goes

3. Analyze your findings

4. Create a Vision



My name is Antinette and I am a social entrepreneur from Wilmington, De. I have two businesses,

– The Stand- a mobile food cart- It is our mission to provide great food, service, and contribute to the community we serve.


– TGN Development Company- It is our mission to support our clients in overcoming the challenges they face so that they can design and live their best life


Please visit the above pages to learn more!

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