Boss Talk Coversations| Episode 5: Be willing to leave when you are not VALUED

Boss Talk Coversations| Episode 5: Be willing to leave when you are not VALUED

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Episode 5: Be willing to leave when you are not VALUED  #BOSSup

Welcome to episode 5 of Boss Talk Conversations with your host Antinette
Where every conversation is focused on you BOSSn up in every area if your life
In this episode, I am totally transparent and I share the  incidents that occurred between my boyfriend and I that made me share this BOSS tip with YOU!
This lesson is not only valuable in romantic relationships but also in your work environment!
I share an example of how I used todays tip to BOSS up in my career as well.
The BOSS tip of episode 5 by the way isssssssssss (drumroll pleaasseee)
As the BOSS of your life,
You MUST be prepared to leave situations where you are not VALUED!
Yes its challenging but necessary to your growth and elevation
In this episode,
I also share the benefits that come with staying and leaving situations where your value is not respected.
I’ll share one with you NOW
1. Gives the other party the opportunity to see your value & vice versa
2. ?
3. ?
Todays BOSS talk conversation is all about letting you know that in order for you to BOSS up in your relationships, in your career, and in your life, you have to be able to let go of situations and relationships where you are not valued
Too many times, I find that we stay in situations and relationships for  FAR too long
Lets stop the traumatic cycle!
Lets engage:
Share a time when you left a situation where you were not valued
Share a time when you struggled with leaving a situation where you were not valued
Sharing your experiences will let people know
1. they are not alone
2. let others know what is possible for them!

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