From Artist to Entrepreneur: When God Calls, You Step Out On Faith

From Artist to Entrepreneur: When God Calls, You Step Out On Faith

Happy Monday Developer!

On this transformational Monday, I would like to introduce you to Alicia Watson, a multi-passionate Maryland-based cinematographer and photographer who graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Communication & Media Studies and Sociology.

Alicia started as an actor and playwright and evolved into owning and operating Ali Watson Media, a boutique digital media company focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs brand visually and authentically since 2014.

During our transformational conversation Alicia shares her journey from Artist to Entrepreneur.

Alicia shares

  • How she was called to be an entrepreneur through prophecy and the importance of stepping out on faith, even when you are being called to do something you do NOT want to do
  • How the journey of making one night last forever ignited Ali Watson Media.
  • The steps she took when she decided to make the transformation from artist to entrepreneur and start her business
  • The sacrifices her and her family had to make when helping her to live her dreams
  • The power of authenticity
  • The idea that balance does not exist

& so much more!

I am telling you, this conversation is worth the view and the wisdom that she shares is AMAZING. You will not be disappointed.


You can be anything you think about and work towards. Make a DECISION. Develop a PLAN. Do the WORK!

Much love! Until Next time!