Gaining Clarity: A Boss Experience

Gaining Clarity: A Boss Experience

Last week, I sat down and I got CLEAR.

I got clear on the vision and the mission that I have for my life.

I initially decided to discuss that topic because I wanted to support my tribe, you, in getting clear on your personal life’s mission and having a productive year and life.

A lot of people were coming to me saying that they were confused and didn’t know what direction they should go.

After completing the exercise for myself, I gained even more clarity on my purpose and how I want to spend my days in my old age.

If you have not completed the previous exercises, I encourage you to do so right away.

This week, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my 2021 to look like.

I asked myself,

“What am I going to do in 2021 to help me fulfill my mission?”

“What am I going to do in 2021 to get me closer to the life that envision for myself?”

Asking myself those questions helped me to put a lot of things in perspective.

Holistically, but especially in my career, since that area is a high priority of mine right now.

I realized I was spending a lot of time branding myself as “coach”.

Although that is a service that I offer, my vision and mission for my business and life is bigger than that.

I am more than a coach.

I will speak more to that later, but that is just one realization I had by completing this exercise.

I have a process that I go through every year that supports me in getting clear on what it is that I want to accomplish.

Each year I go through that process my purpose becomes clearer and clearer.

This year, I made sure each goal aligned with my vision and my mission and made a conscious decision not to overwhelm myself with too many goals.

This year one of the many things I learned is that there is only 24 hours in a day. You won’t get it all done in one day and not even one year. It takes time. Do what you can and give your best effort while doing it. It all pays off!

For 2021, I am making sure not to overwhelm myself with too many goals.

In my goal design process, I made sure to design goals that stretch and scare me while also making sure that I  am able to create great impact in my life, my community, and those I serve in my business.

I am excited about the upcoming year I designed for myself.

I look forward to sharing and documenting my journey with you in 2021, as a way to hold myself accountable and I hope my journey can support you on your journey.

I want you to have that same type of excitement in your life.

If you have breath in your body, you are still able to create CHANGE.

You are still able to take ACTION.

You are still able to DREAM.

You are still able to HEAL.

The time is NOW to live life on your terms.

Thank you for reading.

Until next time!

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