Heal Your Heart to Manifest and Maintain Your Desires

Before I share the messages the cards revealed this week, I think it’s only right that I give an update regarding last weeks predictions

Last, the cards stated that I would be receiving some news this week that would have me jumping for joy. I assumed I was going to get a phone call but I did NOT receive the phone call that I was referring to.

It’s cool though because I received other messages that had me jumping for joy!

  1. I was informed of an online training that led to funding opportunities that will allow me to expand my business. I reached out the contact on the call and I have a meeting scheduled for January 6, I will keep you updated!
  2. Also, one of my good friends and clients reached out to me and let me know of a resource/blessing that will support us in facilitating a project we are planning in 2021.

I was too hype!!

Outside of that, I have been taking the role as the leader in my life more seriously, not just in business but all areas.  Listening to my spirit and trusting my intuition.

I am officially on the board of Black Mothers in Power, an organization focused reducing the disparities that Black women face in maternal healthcare.

I have been engaging in a lot of positive self talk and trying my best to stay calm.

Now lets get into this week’s reading.

The cards are letting me know that I am going through major transformations in my life. There are 9 cards in my weekly spread and 3 of them were major arcana cards. THAT’S BIG!!

Those cards spoke to me completing a life cycle and beginning a new one as a BOSS.

The cards speak to the fact that everything I am working toward is mine I just have to continue to keep my nose to the ground and not get comfortable.

The cards also spoke on my heart.  

This week the cards let me know that I have everything I want, but the only way I will maintain, grow, and manifest more is if I open up and heal my heart.

This week was deep and I felt this on every level.

Healing is key.

Let the healing begin..

On a new level!

As I stated,  I have already completed a level of healing that required a lot of work. I even wrote a book about it.

But I am being called to go deeper.

I have been my own boss for a while, now it’s time to move forward with my vision with bossing up on another level.

I am ready!

I look forward to documenting my journey here..

If you are interested in having a personal tarot session with mw, I encourage you to email tgn@antinettedevelops.com

I use Tarot to support you in making decisions about your personal life, business, and /or relationships.

Thank you for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!

Until next time!

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