How A Moms Vision Can Save Her Child(ren)

How A Moms Vision Can Save Her Child(ren)

For the last two days we have been sculpting the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your mission for your life?
  2. What is your vision for your life?

Your response to those two questions will support you in living in your purpose!

If you have not read the last 2 articles, please do so, after you get done reading this post.

Let’s get into it.

As an individual, defining your vision and identifying your life’s mission is valuable, however, I would say it is not necessary.

Because it is just you.

You are responsible for you and only you and the only people you may disappoint is your family and friends.

But at the end of the day, if you are okay with your life, no one can really speak on what you do.

 Especially if you are grown.

My opinion.

The only time, I believe that it is imperative for you to have a vision for your life, is when you decide to step into that parent role.

When you become a parent, you are deciding to play a role in raising the next generation.

If you as an individual want to commit to a life where you are stuck in the matrix, meaning you wake up, go to work, and go out on the weekends  on a weekly a basis.

Not making an impact,

That is on you!

Your legacy will die with you.

But when you decide to become a PARENT, it is important that you have a vision for your children, even if you do not have a vision for yourself.

The vision that you have for your children matters!!!

The vision that you have for your children will determine their outcome.

When I was a child, I was exposed to a lot.

Mainly domestic violence, community violence, and I witnessed how low self-esteem can prevent a person from living life on their own terms.

Growing up the one thing that I valued about my mom, was  the fact that she was a visionary!!!

No matter what she went through, she always focused on the bigger picture and spoke that into me.

Even at her lowest point she always managed to say,

“Antinette I may be this, but you are greatness”.

She would always say,

“Antinette remember you are better than me.”

“Antinette, I went through what I went through so you wouldn’t have to”

My mom always envisioned better for me even at the times when she could not offer better to herself.  

Yes, I made mistakes growing up as we all do, but my mom always saw better for me and she never stopped speaking that into me.

Are you a mom that is visionary?

How do you envision your children’s future?

Do you speak life in your children?

Do you let them know that the reason why they were born were to be better versions of YOU?

Talk to your children about the vision you have for them and then listen to the vision that your children have for themselves.

Understand that your child is ultimately the one in control of their own destiny.

Introduce and expose your children to people and opportunities that will support them in realizing that their vision is not a dream but can be their reality, if they do what is required.

Sometimes you can have a vision for yourself and your children and things don’t turn out as planned.

With a vision and plan in place, it will be less challenging to make changes on your journey.

Be open and flexible as it pertains to the vision that you have for your children.

Know that they will grow up and eventually make their own decisions.

Your job is to guide them and feed their interest.

Expose and educate your children to new things, especially if you from the hood, like me.

It is crucial to their success.

Thank you for reading!


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