How Much Does Your Improved Lifestyle Cost?

How Much Does Your Improved Lifestyle Cost?

How much does your new and improved lifestyle cost?

Have you put much thought into that?

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately.

How much does my new and improved life cost

I am true believer in manifestation.

What I THINK about and ASK for I receive.

Before I go to a store,

I say “Thank you God for allowing me to find good parking.”

9 times out of 10, I always find a good parking spot in the front waiting for me

I ask God for washing machine, my aunt calls me out the blue and said she’s buying me a washing machine. Thanks Auntie!!

I set a goal stating,

“This season in mobile food cart business, I’m going to make $1500. I literally been making $1500 a week in my business.”

The power of the tongue is real, and what you envision and speak about you get!

Have you noticed that in your life?

If you examine your speech and your thoughts, you will notice that you get what you think and talk about the most as well.

You speak life, you live life more abundantly.

You speak negativity, and you attract more negative people and situations to you.

Everything you think and speak about you truly manifest in my life and now that I know how real this superpower is, I have been using it to specifically manifest my best FINANCIAL situation.

I am literally in a financial space, in my businesses, that I have never been in, and it feels good.

Now that I am here, my little voice said to me,

“Antinette, how much would you have to pay yourself a month to live your best life at this moment”

I had to sit back and meditate on that.

Normally, that type of thought would intimidate me and bring me anxiety, but now it is clear that whatever I think about and speak about is mine and it is important that I think and speak more abundantly.

So I sat for a minute and I created a budget for my future self.

How much does my future self need to live her best life?

Have you thought about how much your future self needs to live its best life?

If not, complete this exercise for fun.

It will help you to begin to manifest the lifestyle you want.

The exercise is simple.

  1. Create a list of all the items and experiences you spend money on now
  2. Add to the list the items and experiences you don’t pay for now but would like to and add them to your budget.
  3. Next to each item on your list write the amount your future self spends on these items and experiences

It is that simple.

Here is my list:

  1. Rent- Right now we are homeowners, however, we are in the process of turning our home into a transitional home and moving into an appt for a year. We don’t want to rush and get a new house and we realize that paying rent is more expensive than buying a home. But my future self can afford this move, especially with the support of my man and our lucrative business endeavors


  1. Car Payment- I want a new car soooo bad. I actually just looked at my statements and realized that I may be able to by my car in cash cash. Might not even need a car payment, but I did budget for this as well.



  1. Food- Right now, food is not a big dent in my budget because I do receive help from the government. At this rate, in the near future, I will be able to close my case and no longer need assistance from the government.


I am looking forward to that, however, being a mother with two kids, and we eat healthy, I am thankful for the help we receive.


  1. Vacation fund- My goal is to travel at least 4 times a year. At least once per quarter, by myself, with kids, and family. I started a fund so there will be no excuses and to make this goal a priority.


  1. Personal Bills- My bills are low but can’t forget about them in my budget



  1. Retirement- I went to see a banker and she said I need to at least start investing 250 in an retirement acct to reach my retirement goals. My future can afford this!


  1. School loans- I would like to start paying on them loans. Oh lawd lol
  2. Kids Allowance- my kids monthly spending amount. I have already started envelopes for them. These kids like to do stuff!


  1. Allowance- My monthly spending money. I am not a big spender however, I work hard. My allowance represents that!


Here are some tips when completing the exercise:

  1. You will find your little voice saying negative comments to you during this process,


“This is not realistic” “You will never make that much money” “This is ridiculous”.


Don’t listen and complete the exercise anyway.

That ain’t nothing but your brain trying to keep you in your comfort zone.

Nothing great happens when your comfortable.

So if this exercise is making you uncomfortable…GREAT


  1. Write down your new budget and look at it every day and thank God every day for allowing you to live this life

In order to go BIG you have to dream BIG.

Don’t let your current circumstance stop you from dreaming BIG!

Let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comments.

Thank you!

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