How to guarantee SUCCESS in your service based business!

How to guarantee SUCCESS in your service based business!

I have been putting a lot of thought into this lately. I see a lot of people who portray that they are in business. However, what I find is that being in business is about more than having and selling a product or service.

Yes I said what I said.

Having a service that sells and or being able to sell any product are both great qualities and are crucial in business but it is not everything you need.

And if you have a product that sells but don’t have other parts of your business in order, you WILL fail.

In today’s article I am sharing with you , I have found to be key factors in having a successful service based business. I am speaking as a consumer and a business owner.

Lets get into it


 Successful business owners think about their long term business goals. They start with the end in mind. They are thinking about the legacy the business will leave on the world before the business is even started. People who say they have a business but are thinking about the lives their businesses will change on a bigger scale. Being a business owner is not just about making money, it is also about leaving behind a legacy and changing lives.


If you don’t have a business license, you have a hobby! Period. I was speaking to someone who said that they were a business owner. Then I asked her about her process and she said that she was not willing to pay $300 for her business license, she is doing fine without it. How you getting money but not willing to invest $300 in your business? Getting a business license alone exposes you to so many tax benefits. When I hear people say they can’t afford a business license what I am really hearing you say is

“I don’t believe in my business and I don’t see myself making money in this business”

If you believe in yourself. Invest in yourself.


Think highly of your customers. If you provide a service you need to make sure you think highly of the people that you serve. Let them know that you see them. Cater to them. Spoil them. Get them to comeback over and over again! I was talking to one girl who called herself a business owner and she said about her customer,

“I am not here to cater to her. She called me so many times and wanted door to door service.”

 Mam, if you have a service based business, your customer, your clients make or break your business. Your job is to literally cater your customers need. If that is a problem for you, I need you to find another profession. You want your customers to be so impressed with your customer service that they spread the word about how great your service is. The only way that will happen organically is if you truly think highly of the people that you serve.


Make sure you like doing the service that you are selling.

I like cooking so I have been in the mobile food cart industry since 2018. I enjoy helping people so I founded Antinette Develops in 2018 to support people in reaching their goals and overcoming their obstacles.

Do what you love and love what you do. When you do it never feels like work.


Be flexible in how you go about achieving your ultimate business goal. Ultimately, I want to make money doing what I love. I envision myself making money in my sleep and traveling the world sharing my story and my gifts and services that I offer and I am 1000% flexible with how I get there.

I remember in the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey I wanted  a food truck. After doing research I had found that it would be too expensive so I decided to “downsize” the dream. I was flexible.

I still achieved my goals of wanting to quit my job and work for myself. Be flexible.

Welp I am sure there is more. But that is all I have today!

If you want to have a successful service based business in 2021, I encourage you to apply the 5 steps above.

P.S What skill or characteristics would you add to the list above. Let me know in the comment section.

Much love!

Until next time!

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