How to Meet Your Money Goals While Living Your Best Life with Mykail James

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Happy Transformational Tuesday!!

On this Tuesday, I would like to introduce you to Mykail James!

Mykail James aka “The Boujie Budgeter” is the founder of, an online platform dedicated to teaching Gen Z professionals how to finance their best lives. Upon graduating with her MBA focused in accounting, Mykail became a Certified Financial Literacy instructor. Mykail has a fresh new take on managing money and finances. Her teachings use pop-culture references and relatable language to help her audience understand confusing money concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing. Mykail states, “The goal is to make positive money moves while still controlling your finances because you can only live your best life when it is properly financed!

During our conversation Mykail discusses

  1. her experience growing up in a household being taught to be mindful of money and how simple money lessons create lasting impact
  2. The importance of being proactive when managing your money
  3. Strategies to support you in reaching your financial goals while living your best life, like The Ultimate Flexible Budget Strategies to support you in tackling your credit card debt.
  4.  Her passion in Finance & Technology, also known as Fintech, and her role in that industrty

Developers, I encourage you to watch this transformational conversation, in it entirety so that you can have a transformation in your finances!

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