How Voting Directly Impacts You!

How Voting Directly Impacts You!

Happy Tuesday!

Today is election day in Delaware .

This election is more important than the presidential election.

The people who are elected into office locally, directly impact the systems that are in place that you personally come in contact with every day.

I’m talking about the school system, housing, healthcare, employment, unemployment, welfare. All that.

Now is the time for us to be involved in all aspects of society.

I had the privilege of having two friends run for office this political season.

One of my friends is running for City Council and my other friend ran to be on the school board.

It was an amazing experience to witness two young Black women fighting for important community positions.

The elections that I am discussing were not on the national news.

The elections weren’t publicized, but they were and are life changing.

This political season, by being an involved community member and seeing the community work together and vote, I was able to see

  • A March continue after the mayor wanted to cancel, because he was scared of the damage that it would do to downtown City of Wilmington.
  • A school district keep all their extracurricular activities because they were going to get rid of all the things that make school fun and not jail.

I also was able to see how

  • when you have certain people in office who don’t agree with your values, they can override how the community feels about certain issues if they have the power to do so

For example,

Your Mayor is a developer and he wants to build and tear down the community you grew up in and fine you for not being able to afford to fix your house that you been living in wayyy before he got there. And then when you cant afford to pay the fines, because you already can’t afford to fix up your house, he proposes, the city takes it away from you.

It’s crazy out here!

The only way a person can have the ability to do what they want to do in your environment, in your community, is if you let them.

And ignorance of what is going on out here is not an excuse.

If 2020 hasn’t taught you anything else, it had to teach you that being involved in your local community, especially if you are in environments that have low income and high crime is crucial.

The livelihood of you, your parents, and your children depend on your involvement in the systems that are in place where you live!


Until next time!

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