PARENTS!! Transform Your Mind!

Hey parents!
The chains that we are about to break require a mindset transformation. We have to get rid of that poverty mindset, welfare mindset, fear mindset, unhealthy relationships, and whatever mindset that does not serve you!
You can change the trajectory of your life by changing the way that you think!
If you are a parent on welfare with no plan to get off, its time change your mindset!
If you are a parent that has settled in your a career, its time to change your mindset!
If you are a parent who is living a life that you are not 1000% satisfied with, its time to change your mindset.
You can be anything you think about and work towards.Don’t let the responsibilities of everyday stop you from living that life that you dream about.
You have the power to take yourself from poverty to abundance.
It starts with the mind!

Who Are You, As A Person?

Hey Parents!
In the last post, we talked about the importance of looking to your past to begin to create a firm foundation, not just for yourself but for your lineage. Identifying themes from your past will help you in using the good and throwing away the “bad” in the process of creating a firm foundation and living your best life.
The next step in creating a firm foundation, is you have to do a personal assessment of your life.
Today I will focus on 1 of 7.
Who are YOU as a person?
Write down your responses to the following activity to get a clearer view on YOU!
1. Identify our strengths and weaknesses. We can play off our strengths and we have the power to strengthen our weaknesses.
2. Be honest. How do you feel about yourself? If you feel good, great! However, if you don’t feel happy with who you are and where you going with your life, its going to be hard to excel in other areas of your life.
3. How do you handle conflict? Do you talk out your problems, blow up, say nothing?
4. Who and what do you value in life? Why?
5. How would you describe your attitude?
6. How would your friends, family, coworkers describe your attitude?
7. Rate this area of your life on a scale on 1-10
Are you happy with your responses? Yes, that’s awesome! If not, you have work to do!
Start by describing who you want to be in this area! Answer the questions above as if you are the person that you want to be.
Parents creating a firm foundation is possible. Breaking the negative chains of our past is possible. You just have to be willing to do the work!


Hey Parents,

       The first post is simply about the importance of creating a firm foundation. Not just for ourselves but for our children.

Being a parent is one of the most important roles a person could ever have, if that person decides to have children. When you decide to have children, you have agreed to play a part in raising the next generation. The next generation will be responsible for taking care of us when we become elders. That’s big!

We have to give our children an opportunity to make it!

Growing up how I grew up and seeing what I saw, I understand, we as parents are doing our best with what we were given.

Its time to break the negative chains and create a firm foundation for yourself and for the benefit of you and your children.

To begin to make our foundation strong, we have to take a look at our past. Sometimes we try to bury and run from our past and running does not heal. There is a lot of information in your past that you can learn about you, your parents, and other trends that may occur in your family.

If you suffer from traumatic experiences, I encourage you to talk to a professional. Do not stop until you find a therapist that you vibe with. Every professional is not the same.

The time is now is for us as parents to heal from our past to break those negative chains and to begin firming our foundation.