Story of A Miscarriage Mother | How Dejunae Found Her Light While in a Dark Place

Hey Developers!

On this beautiful transformational Monday, I would like to introduce you to Dejunae Stringfield, the founder of The Laila Nicole Foundation.

The Laila Nicole Foundation was founded in 2020 when Dejunae lost her daughter Laila Nicole Stringfield in 2019.

During Episode 3 of this Transformational Conversations ft Dejunae Stringfield.


  • Explains the process of finding a new church home when moving to a new city and state
  • Defines stress and how it impacted her pregnancy
  • Discusses The Laila Nicole Foundation and how others can be involved
  • Shares the ways in which having a miscarriage affected her marriage
  • Talks about the embarrassment that having an miscarriage brings
  • Shares tips, tools, and strategies that supported her in coming out of the very dark place she was in

This conversation was so powerful!

If you have experienced a miscarriage or just enjoy hearing stories of  inspiration and resilience, I encourage you to watch the conversation below, in its entirety.

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