How To Deal With Competition As A Small Business Owner

How to deal with competition in your business

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I want to have with my aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners out there.

It was sparked by a conversation I had last week with one of my clients.

She has been in business for a while. She has a committed clientele who values her work and she now is in a position where she is able to offer better quality to her customers, due to all the support she has been receiving!

As I am listening to her share her story, I am like, “Okay. What is the problem?”

She stated that she is now noticing that other people want to start their own business.

The same business that she has spent years developing.

Not only do they want to start their own business but, many people are coming to her for advice and she doesn’t feel comfortable sharing the information that she had to learn on her own.

Being as though she is from a small city, she does not know how to treat the competition when they come to her for advice on how to start their business.

Hearing her story made me think back and see if I ever had this feeling in me.

And yup. I sure did!

I remember when I first opened up my mobile food cart.

I was the only Black owned mobile food cart owner in the City of Wilmington.

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How to guarantee SUCCESS in your service based business!

I have been putting a lot of thought into this lately. I see a lot of people who portray that they are in business. However, what I find is that being in business is about more than having and selling a product or service.

Yes I said what I said.

Having a service that sells and or being able to sell any product are both great qualities and are crucial in business but it is not everything you need.

And if you have a product that sells but don’t have other parts of your business in order, you WILL fail.

In today’s article I am sharing with you , I have found to be key factors in having a successful service based business. I am speaking as a consumer and a business owner.

Lets get into it

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Episode 14: Goal Setting 101- The Power Behind Writing Down Your Goals

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I don’t want to say too much about the episode before you watch

However, what I will say is that if you are someone who does not write down your goals.

You may think the process is pointless and has no value but it really does and by the end of this episode, I hope you see that!

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How Voting Directly Impacts You!

Happy Tuesday!

Today is election day in Delaware .

This election is more important than the presidential election.

The people who are elected into office locally, directly impact the systems that are in place that you personally come in contact with every day.

I’m talking about the school system, housing, healthcare, employment, unemployment, welfare. All that.

Now is the time for us to be involved in all aspects of society.

I had the privilege of having two friends run for office this political season.

One of my friends is running for City Council and my other friend ran to be on the school board.

It was an amazing experience to witness two young Black women fighting for important community positions.

The elections that I am discussing were not on the national news.

The elections weren’t publicized, but they were and are life changing.

This political season, by being an involved community member and seeing the community work together and vote, I was able to see

  • A March continue after the mayor wanted to cancel, because he was scared of the damage that it would do to downtown City of Wilmington.
  • A school district keep all their extracurricular activities because they were going to get rid of all the things that make school fun and not jail.

I also was able to see how

  • when you have certain people in office who don’t agree with your values, they can override how the community feels about certain issues if they have the power to do so

For example,

Your Mayor is a developer and he wants to build and tear down the community you grew up in and fine you for not being able to afford to fix your house that you been living in wayyy before he got there. And then when you cant afford to pay the fines, because you already can’t afford to fix up your house, he proposes, the city takes it away from you.

It’s crazy out here!

The only way a person can have the ability to do what they want to do in your environment, in your community, is if you let them.

And ignorance of what is going on out here is not an excuse.

If 2020 hasn’t taught you anything else, it had to teach you that being involved in your local community, especially if you are in environments that have low income and high crime is crucial.

The livelihood of you, your parents, and your children depend on your involvement in the systems that are in place where you live!


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How to Meet Your Money Goals While Living Your Best Life with Mykail James

Hey Developers!

Happy Transformational Tuesday!!

On this Tuesday, I would like to introduce you to Mykail James!

Mykail James aka “The Boujie Budgeter” is the founder of, an online platform dedicated to teaching Gen Z professionals how to finance their best lives. Upon graduating with her MBA focused in accounting, Mykail became a Certified Financial Literacy instructor. Mykail has a fresh new take on managing money and finances. Her teachings use pop-culture references and relatable language to help her audience understand confusing money concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing. Mykail states, “The goal is to make positive money moves while still controlling your finances because you can only live your best life when it is properly financed!

During our conversation Mykail discusses

  1. her experience growing up in a household being taught to be mindful of money and how simple money lessons create lasting impact
  2. The importance of being proactive when managing your money
  3. Strategies to support you in reaching your financial goals while living your best life, like The Ultimate Flexible Budget Strategies to support you in tackling your credit card debt.
  4.  Her passion in Finance & Technology, also known as Fintech, and her role in that industrty

Developers, I encourage you to watch this transformational conversation, in it entirety so that you can have a transformation in your finances!

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How Black Parents Can Raise Successful Black Children

Hey Developers!

Today I wanted to share a messagae specifically for Black parents.

Last week in Wilmington, Delaware there was a host of shootings.

Now if you are familiar with Wilmington, De, you are not surprised by this news.

However, what was most surprising, was the fact that all the shootings that occurred involved teenagers. One shooting ended with a 13 year old losing his life to gun violence. The baby was only 13. I don’t care what he was into, he was 13.

In 2017, there was a article written that stated,

“Wilmington, De leads US in teen shootings.”

I have Black children. I work with Black youth. When I hear statistics and see articles written on subjects regarding teen violence, it makes me cringe. It really makes me sick to my stomach.

As I sat back and thought of ways I can make a difference, my little voice said to me,

“Antinette, it starts in the home.”

So I meditated on a word that I could share with the parents of Black children, that can support us all in saving and ensuring that our children have long lives!

I actually came up with 6 words that will support US in saving OUR children!

  • Accountability

We as parents have to be accountable for our parenting, or lack there of. We have to be accountable for our own personal growth and development. If we are not growing mentally and spiritually as parents, neither will our children. We have to be accountable for the content and experiences that we expose our children to. We have to be accountable for our poverty. If we want our children to have a chance, we have to be accountable for the situation that we are in. Understand the parts that we play and did not play in the situation, and then we have to develop a plan that supports our family unit in moving forward successfully!

  • Resilience

Being resilient means that you are able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. Black parents, Black people as a whole are resilient beings. Since our existence into what is known as the USA, we have been placed in the most gruesome and horrific situations, but still we rise. Still we continue to fight and live to see another day. If you are reading this right now, I need you to understand that you have the power to overcome any situation that you are in. It will require work but your can overcome.

  • Expand Pass Your Comfort Zone

Some of us are too comfortable. Comfortable with living paycheck to paycheck. Comfortable with not taking steps toward that thing you want to accomplish  deep down on the inside. Why? Because you are comfortable with not putting in the work required. Your dreams require too much work and you would rather be comfortable. Well let me tell you something about comfort zones. Nothing great ever grows in comfort zones. It is time to expand pass your comfort zone for the sake of your child(ren)!

  • Commitment

We as Black parents have to be committed. We have to be committed to growth and also have to have a strong commitment to disrupting the system.  There is a system in place that was designed to prevent Black people from surviving and thriving in America. That is facts. However, if you are using the system as an excuse to not make any moves, to not go after what you say it is that you want, You need to reevaluate YOU!

  • Village

Black parents, young and old, it takes a village. I am so thankful for my village. Without my village I wouldn’t be to raise my kids with a clear mental state that I am in, and my kids still question my sanity at times. The point is, I talk to many women who say that they are stressed and have no help with their kids. That is because we got rid of the village. Even if you come from a background where you are disconnected with your original parents and family, at some point, we all have the ability to create an environment that is conducive to our happiness and success. It starts with your village.

  • Consequences

Some call it consequences. I say put a lil’ fear in them. Whatever your strategy. Implement something that works for the child that you are raising. I share a funny story in the video below about consequences, and how different forms work in my family.

In order for us to save our children, we as Black parents have to save ourselves!

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