4 Ways to Financially Prepare for 2021

Happy Monday!

As I reflect on my financial goals

Where I came from, where I am currently, where I want to go.

I can honestly say that I see a lot of growth.

I came a long way!

One of the major realizations that I have had is that managing and growing your finances is all about your mindset.

You really have to go from a mindset of poverty, lack, and instant gratification to a mindset of wealth, abundance, and patience, especially when you come from where I come from.

This journey is easier said than done.

Most people who are mentally living in a state of poverty are

  1. okay with it  
  2. don’t even realize they living in it

Managing and growing your finances is also about ACTION!

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Gaining Clarity: A Boss Experience

Last week, I sat down and I got CLEAR.

I got clear on the vision and the mission that I have for my life.

I initially decided to discuss that topic because I wanted to support my tribe, you, in getting clear on your personal life’s mission and having a productive year and life.

A lot of people were coming to me saying that they were confused and didn’t know what direction they should go.

After completing the exercise for myself, I gained even more clarity on my purpose and how I want to spend my days in my old age.

If you have not completed the previous exercises, I encourage you to do so right away.

This week, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my 2021 to look like.

I asked myself,

“What am I going to do in 2021 to help me fulfill my mission?”

“What am I going to do in 2021 to get me closer to the life that envision for myself?”

Asking myself those questions helped me to put a lot of things in perspective.

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How A Moms Vision Can Save Her Child(ren)

For the last two days we have been sculpting the answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your mission for your life?
  2. What is your vision for your life?

Your response to those two questions will support you in living in your purpose!

If you have not read the last 2 articles, please do so, after you get done reading this post.

Let’s get into it.

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How to Design A Powerful Vision Statement

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Episode 14: Goal Setting 101- The Power Behind Writing Down Your Goals

Hey hey hey!!

Episode 14 is now available on Boss Talk Conversation!

I am so excited for this episode!

Please tune in!

I don’t want to say too much about the episode before you watch

However, what I will say is that if you are someone who does not write down your goals.

You may think the process is pointless and has no value but it really does and by the end of this episode, I hope you see that!

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Episode 13: 3 Things You Must Do Before You Start Your New Journey

Hey Yall!

Episode 13 is now here

In todays conversation I share with you 3 things you must DO before you start any NEW journey!

I wanted to have this conversation today because I know that you watching this right now was called to begin a new journey.

You have been called to start a new career, start a new business, a new relationship, maybe a new weight loss journey, whatever journey you are starting, I want to equip you with the tools that you need so that you can have a better chance of being successful on your new journey  

So lets get into it

  1. Recognize

You want to recognize where you are now, why are you here, and the part you played in the situation that led you to this outcome.

2. Commit to HEALING

To heal = to become sound or healthy

Some of you are trying to start something new on faulty ground

3. Be devoted to your GROWTH

You have to remember why you started!

And you must never give up!

God would never put a vision in you that you cannot manifest

I really hope todays conversation was helpful for you




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Episode 8: Boss Decision- Why I Decided to Home School my Children

Listen to the podcast below!!

Heyy Yalll!!

Welcome to Episode 8 of Boss Talk Conversation, where every conversation is focused on you #bossn up in some area of your life.

Today, we are joining the home school conversation.

First, I explain the different between home schooling and virtual learning. Yes, there is a difference!

I then share
1. Why I decided to home school my children
2. How I prepared to school my children at home
3. Some advice that all PARENTS can implement who are entering this schooling at home space for the first time or an veteran.
Please listen to this episode in its entirety!
I would love to hear from you. What are your thoughts and feelings regarding home school?

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Episode 6: How to identify and dispose of the BULLSHIT!


Episode 6: How to identify and dispose of the BULLSHIT?

Hey Boss!

Welcome to episode 6 of Boss Talk Conversations with your host Antinette!

In today’s Boss Talk Conversation, we are going to discuss the importance of #BOSSn up out of any bullshit situation that you are in!

In order for you to BOSS up, you have to let go of the BULLSHIT!

A lot of yall out here are settling for some bullshit, and you don’t have to.

Like its crazy to see and sad to watch.

Now I ain’t judging you 100% fully, because I know what its like to accept BULLshit in your relationships, romantic and platonic, work relationships too, but I also know what it is like to let that hurt go and welcome blessings.

So if you still accepting hurt and pain and not doing something about it, yes I am judging you, because you do not have to stay in that hurtful space!, unless you want to.

Today, I want to give you the tools that you need to do something about the bull crap situation you are in, so you can welcome in what you need, want, and deserve, periodt!

In this episode I am going share

– What it looks like to be in a bull crap situation

– What it feels like and the consequences associated with those feelings

– Dig a little deeper, and share some insight as to why you deal with it

– Imma give you some POWER, and let you know how you can BOSS up and do something about it

In order to Boss up you have to leave the bullshit behind you. I aint gon lie. It’s a hard thing to do but it has to be done if you want live the life that God has for you. The life that you want for yourself, deep down on the inside.

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The Importance of Identifying Your Niche in Business

Hey Developer!

Happy Friday!

This week I wanted to talk to you about a decision that I decided to make in my business.

 I appreciate your support, and I want to keep you aware of the changes that occur, as they occur, because I appreciate you!

For the last year, I have been meditating on who it is that I want to serve through TGN Development Company.

Although, I am passionate about everyone, and I truly want to see everyone WIN, I now understand the importance of identifying your customer profile in business.  

My major struggle I had with this process was that I felt like by choosing a niche, I was going to leave people out. I thought of it like I would be excluding people from my services. Now I know that it does not have to be that way.

If you remember, last year, I could not choose one “niche”, so I picked three:

Youth. Parents. Human Service Professionals

I believe that the 3 groups above are the glue that hold society together.

After operating under that business model for a year, I see why it is not best practice.

The main challenge that I noticed was operating in that manner made it difficult for me to identify and speak to my customer of one. Since I could not identify and speak to my customer of one, it was difficult for me to create content, create products, and get to know my customer.

After much thought, consideration, and prayer, I have decided that moving forward, I would like to begin fully focusing on Human Service Professionals.

Why you ask?

  1. I can still support intervene in the lives of the 3 groups that I care about the most
  2. Human Service Professionals have the ability to pay for my services.
  3. My educational background. I graduated in 2012 with my Bachelors in Social Work and continued my education receiving my Masters in Administration of Human Services
  4. My experiences. I get into my experiences in the video below. I encourage you to watch the video in its entirety and please press the subscribe button while you are there!

I am still deciding the ways in which I am going to be able to make the most impact in this industry, however, I envision supporting Human Service Professionals in

  • Implementing best practices
  • Obtaining raises
  • Obtaining leadership positions
  • Starting their own side hustles

I am truly excited for this journey!

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I have a question for you…okay 2 questions:

  1. How did you decide the population/niche you were going to focus on to serve?
  2. Was the process of choosing challenging for you?

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