Gaining Clarity: A Boss Experience

Last week, I sat down and I got CLEAR.

I got clear on the vision and the mission that I have for my life.

I initially decided to discuss that topic because I wanted to support my tribe, you, in getting clear on your personal life’s mission and having a productive year and life.

A lot of people were coming to me saying that they were confused and didn’t know what direction they should go.

After completing the exercise for myself, I gained even more clarity on my purpose and how I want to spend my days in my old age.

If you have not completed the previous exercises, I encourage you to do so right away.

This week, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my 2021 to look like.

I asked myself,

“What am I going to do in 2021 to help me fulfill my mission?”

“What am I going to do in 2021 to get me closer to the life that envision for myself?”

Asking myself those questions helped me to put a lot of things in perspective.

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Episode 14: Goal Setting 101- The Power Behind Writing Down Your Goals

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Episode 14 is now available on Boss Talk Conversation!

I am so excited for this episode!

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I don’t want to say too much about the episode before you watch

However, what I will say is that if you are someone who does not write down your goals.

You may think the process is pointless and has no value but it really does and by the end of this episode, I hope you see that!

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From Artist to Entrepreneur: When God Calls, You Step Out On Faith

Happy Monday Developer!

On this transformational Monday, I would like to introduce you to Alicia Watson, a multi-passionate Maryland-based cinematographer and photographer who graduated from the University of Michigan with degrees in Communication & Media Studies and Sociology.

Alicia started as an actor and playwright and evolved into owning and operating Ali Watson Media, a boutique digital media company focused on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs brand visually and authentically since 2014.

During our transformational conversation Alicia shares her journey from Artist to Entrepreneur.

Alicia shares

  • How she was called to be an entrepreneur through prophecy and the importance of stepping out on faith, even when you are being called to do something you do NOT want to do
  • How the journey of making one night last forever ignited Ali Watson Media.
  • The steps she took when she decided to make the transformation from artist to entrepreneur and start her business
  • The sacrifices her and her family had to make when helping her to live her dreams
  • The power of authenticity
  • The idea that balance does not exist

& so much more!

I am telling you, this conversation is worth the view and the wisdom that she shares is AMAZING. You will not be disappointed.


You can be anything you think about and work towards. Make a DECISION. Develop a PLAN. Do the WORK!

Much love! Until Next time!

3 Ways You Are Holding Yourself Back From Living In Your Purpose & Reaching Your Goals!

Hey Developer!

Happy Wednesday! I hope this week is treating you well.

On the journey to your greatness and living in your purpose, you have to be careful of the number one enemy that can stop you from reaching your goals and living in your purpose and that enemy is…..


The image that YOU have of YOU is stopping you from obtaining the peace that you deserve and moving forward with your goals.

Some of us think to highly of ourselves, while others don’t think of ourselves enough.

I want to share 3 reasons why your self-image is holding you back and what you can do about it.

The self-image is holding you back because it is

  1.  Based off the Ego– if you think to highly of yourself, you may be arrogant, cocky, self-centered. If you think to lowly of yourself, you may engage in behaviors that I call “easy to do” behaviors, like, fighting, being promiscuous, being in relationships that do not serve you.
  2. Developed between ages of 0-5– The foundation of who you are, was built between the ages of 0 to 5 years old. That is Social Work 101. You could live to 100 years old and your most critical years would still be ages 0-5, if you do not engage in the process of healing, this could be detrimental for some. We all have been through some trauma and drama. Revisit the younger you and the younger days and identify that in which you need to heal from. That person is there waiting for you.
  3. Based off the concrete mind– Your self-image is only focused on the physical. What you look like. The materials that you can obtain. The things that you can see. Concrete mind sees things as they are, and not as they could be.

“Your self-image can get you through the door, but it can’t help you do the work.”

As discussed in the article below

The self- image cannot help you overcome any challenges.

The self is devoid of matter and energy. It can do NOTHING without the spirit. The SELF image is the same way!

When it comes to your purpose, obtaining peace, developing habits, increasing your finances, and healing, your self-image can’t help you with none of that!

There are 2 images that need your attention, the HUMAN image and GODS image!

In order to live in our true purpose, we have to understand that we must replace the ideas about ourselves that derived from

our ego, the early part of out being, and our concrete mind

Take note:

  1. your thoughts (verbal or images) control the harmony that you may or may not have in your life. The harmony and or disharmony you have in your life will attract the physiological and social events you engage in.
  2. The set of ideas that you have about yourself (verbal statements that define who and what you are) determine our self-image. Our self-image controls the harmony that we may or may not have in our lives and the social and physiological events that we experience.

Don’t allow your self-image to hold you back any longer

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Design the Right Business For YOU in 5 Simple Steps!

Let me share a secret with you that no one never ever told me, or maybe they did, and I just didn’t believe them lol.

Design the Right Business For YOU in 5 Simple Steps!

Let me share a secret with you that no one never ever told me, or maybe they did, and I just didn’t believe them lol.

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of time.

Some entrepreneurs, especially when they are starting out, spend 16+ hours building their business a day.

Are you about that life?

I believe you are!

I want to share a 5 steps process with you that will support you in engaging in a development process that you will ENJOY, because I have seen and heard stories of people who spend all this time developing businesses that brings them no joy!

Use the following steps to prevent that from being you!

Step 1: You need pen, paper, & your sacred design space.

Putting your pen to paper is KEY when manifesting greatness. Anything not written down is a DREAM. Once you write your dream down, you are developing your PLAN!

Step 2: Write down all the things that you like to do. Try to come up with at least 20 things.

Engaging in the process will get the wheels turning in your head! Once you identify 20 things that you like, explore each thought and think of ways in which you can make money off of that idea.

Step 3: Think about life as a child. What were you good at? What businesses/ entrepreneurs were around you that interested you growing up?

A lot of us try to bury our childhood memories for whatever reason. I want to challenge you to revisit your past and search for the good memories. What memories and feelings can you recreate in your adult life through your business? Think and reflect and see what comes up for you.

Step 4: Think about the goals of your business.

Is your goal to create impact, make money, or both. There is no right or wrong answer. Determining the goals behind your business will support you when developing the foundation of your business.

Step 5: Research the industry. What are the trends? How can you be different?

Do your research! After implementing steps 2-4, you should have a few business ideas written down that you can explore. Do your  research to see if those industries are projected be around and how will they fair within the next couple of years!

These 5 steps will support you in designing the right business for YOU!

If you need support in the process, schedule your clarity session today and allow me to DEVELOP YOUR GREATNESS through a 1 on 1 process.

Until next time……



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Is Entrepreneurship for YOU?

Yesterday, I went live on my Facebook page to share the moment I fell in love with entrepreneurship.

Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday, I went live on my Facebook page to share

  1. The moment I fell in love with entrepreneurship
  2. 5 Ways in which YOU can determine if you are ready to be an entrepreneur

If you missed it, it is okay!

You can catch the replay by watching the video below.

However, just to recap:

I fell in love with entrepreneurship when I was about 6 years old!

You can hear the full story below by watching the video below😊

The 5 ways in which you can determine if entrepreneurship is for you is

  1. If you have thought about being your own BOSS
  2. If you are the type of person to push pass your fears
  3. If you are the type of person who overcomes challenges
  4. If you are willing to do the work required, no matter what is required
  5. If you are the type of person who is willing to seek help for your success


BONUS – You have to watch the video for the bonus determinant that I gave to support you in realizing if entrepreneurship is for you!

Talk to you soon!

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Entrepreneurship is Freedom

Being an entrepreneur means many things to me, but most importantly, I equate entrepreneurship with FREEDOM.

Happy Monday!

Entrepreneurship is Freedom

Being an entrepreneur means many things to me, but most importantly, I equate entrepreneurship with FREEDOM.

Happy Monday!


I have always been passionate about ENTREPRENEURSHIP and BUSINESS.

I enjoy it so much that I quit my 9-5 in November of 2019, to become a full time entrepreneur!

I wanted to control my time, my money, and my lifestyle.

I wanted to be in 100% control of me and I believed entrepreneurship could get me there.

Matter of fact, I knew it could, So I QUIT!

However, I realized when making the leap, that I wasn’t alone when it came to envisioning a life of freedom, and being my own BOSS.

There were and are many people who shared with me that they wanted to be their own boss and control their own time but they were too scared to take the LEAP!

Now, I am not judging anyone, because taking the LEAP is hard work, believe me, I know.

However, being scared is an excuse and that FEAR is preventing you from living in your greatness!

The last few days I have been meditating on personal stories that I can share with you that will MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, and ENCOURAGE you to take the LEAP, if you haven’t done so already!

I am not saying that you should or have to QUIT, like I did.

What I am saying, is that you should not give up on your vision of being your own BOSS!

You can do it!

Put a plan in place and get it done!

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing my entrepreneurial journey with you.

From the beginning to the end.

It is my hope that by the end of our time together. You decide to take the LEAP, if god put it on your heart to do so.

You can be anything you want to BE!

You have greatness within YOU!

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