Heal Your Heart to Manifest and Maintain Your Desires

Before I share the messages the cards revealed this week, I think it’s only right that I give an update regarding last weeks predictions

Last, the cards stated that I would be receiving some news this week that would have me jumping for joy. I assumed I was going to get a phone call but I did NOT receive the phone call that I was referring to.

It’s cool though because I received other messages that had me jumping for joy!

  1. I was informed of an online training that led to funding opportunities that will allow me to expand my business. I reached out the contact on the call and I have a meeting scheduled for January 6, I will keep you updated!
  2. Also, one of my good friends and clients reached out to me and let me know of a resource/blessing that will support us in facilitating a project we are planning in 2021.

I was too hype!!

Outside of that, I have been taking the role as the leader in my life more seriously, not just in business but all areas.  Listening to my spirit and trusting my intuition.

I am officially on the board of Black Mothers in Power, an organization focused reducing the disparities that Black women face in maternal healthcare.

I have been engaging in a lot of positive self talk and trying my best to stay calm.

Now lets get into this week’s reading.

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How to Design A Powerful Vision Statement

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How Black Parents Can Raise Successful Black Children

Hey Developers!

Today I wanted to share a messagae specifically for Black parents.

Last week in Wilmington, Delaware there was a host of shootings.

Now if you are familiar with Wilmington, De, you are not surprised by this news.

However, what was most surprising, was the fact that all the shootings that occurred involved teenagers. One shooting ended with a 13 year old losing his life to gun violence. The baby was only 13. I don’t care what he was into, he was 13.

In 2017, there was a article written that stated,

“Wilmington, De leads US in teen shootings.”

I have Black children. I work with Black youth. When I hear statistics and see articles written on subjects regarding teen violence, it makes me cringe. It really makes me sick to my stomach.

As I sat back and thought of ways I can make a difference, my little voice said to me,

“Antinette, it starts in the home.”

So I meditated on a word that I could share with the parents of Black children, that can support us all in saving and ensuring that our children have long lives!

I actually came up with 6 words that will support US in saving OUR children!

  • Accountability

We as parents have to be accountable for our parenting, or lack there of. We have to be accountable for our own personal growth and development. If we are not growing mentally and spiritually as parents, neither will our children. We have to be accountable for the content and experiences that we expose our children to. We have to be accountable for our poverty. If we want our children to have a chance, we have to be accountable for the situation that we are in. Understand the parts that we play and did not play in the situation, and then we have to develop a plan that supports our family unit in moving forward successfully!

  • Resilience

Being resilient means that you are able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions. Black parents, Black people as a whole are resilient beings. Since our existence into what is known as the USA, we have been placed in the most gruesome and horrific situations, but still we rise. Still we continue to fight and live to see another day. If you are reading this right now, I need you to understand that you have the power to overcome any situation that you are in. It will require work but your can overcome.

  • Expand Pass Your Comfort Zone

Some of us are too comfortable. Comfortable with living paycheck to paycheck. Comfortable with not taking steps toward that thing you want to accomplish  deep down on the inside. Why? Because you are comfortable with not putting in the work required. Your dreams require too much work and you would rather be comfortable. Well let me tell you something about comfort zones. Nothing great ever grows in comfort zones. It is time to expand pass your comfort zone for the sake of your child(ren)!

  • Commitment

We as Black parents have to be committed. We have to be committed to growth and also have to have a strong commitment to disrupting the system.  There is a system in place that was designed to prevent Black people from surviving and thriving in America. That is facts. However, if you are using the system as an excuse to not make any moves, to not go after what you say it is that you want, You need to reevaluate YOU!

  • Village

Black parents, young and old, it takes a village. I am so thankful for my village. Without my village I wouldn’t be to raise my kids with a clear mental state that I am in, and my kids still question my sanity at times. The point is, I talk to many women who say that they are stressed and have no help with their kids. That is because we got rid of the village. Even if you come from a background where you are disconnected with your original parents and family, at some point, we all have the ability to create an environment that is conducive to our happiness and success. It starts with your village.

  • Consequences

Some call it consequences. I say put a lil’ fear in them. Whatever your strategy. Implement something that works for the child that you are raising. I share a funny story in the video below about consequences, and how different forms work in my family.

In order for us to save our children, we as Black parents have to save ourselves!

Until next time….




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I Quit!

I know its been a minute. 2 weeks to be exact! I know its been a minute. 2 weeks to be exact!

Hey Developers!
I know its been a minute.
2 weeks to be exact!
Did you miss me?
I missed you for sure!
Allow me to explain my absence.
February 27th, I celebrated my 31st birthday. Yup, ya girl is 31 now. 
The week leading up to my birthday, I took some time to reflect and to really think about how I want to move forward in my life and in my business. 
After much thought, now I know how I want to show up and now I am ready to move in that direction.
So today, I am ready to announce that…
When I started blogging around 2015, the goal was for me to document my journey.
Somewhere between then and now my purpose for blogging got muddy, and I found myself more so telling others what to do and how to do, but not sharing my story on this journey to my personal definition of successand I’m ready to change that. 
Being on social media and comparing myself to others really stifled my personal growth and my God designed purpose for my online platform.
I QUIT comparing myself!
I QUIT doing things the way others do it!
I QUIT not valuing my own personal experience!
So please allow me to reintroduce myself.
My name is Antinette . I am a mom, entrepreneur , and a Black woman focused on SUCCESS!
I am passionate about seeing Black people, young and old, design and live their most succesful life.
To the people who follow me who are not Black, let me say, I love yall too! 
However, being a Black Women and having a Black son and daughter and seeing what is going on with Black people, it is only right that I do my part in ensuring that Black people know that they can be anything they think about and work towards. 
Moving forward, you can expect 
1.    More transparency from me
2.    Continued education and motivation from me that will support you in designing and living your best life

I am a real person and I’m going through real things and I’m overcoming them every day!
I want to share more of that.
It is my hope that you continue to grow along this journey with me.

P.S I would love to hear from you? What are some birthday rituals that you engage in to support you in having a successful year?

You can answer this question by responding to this email. 

Thank you & talk to you soon🙂

I Got A Testimony……That I Can’t Keep To Myself!

June 30, 2018 I got fired from my job. Two weeks before that I spent all of

I Got A Testimony......That I Can't Keep To Myself!

June 30, 2018 I got fired from my job. Two weeks before that I spent all of my savings and made the biggest investment of my life. I had just brought a mobile food cart. I was devastated. I did not see the loss of my job coming at all! My plan was to work both jobs.

Well, now I know why I got fired.  There was no way that I could do both.

The show must go on right……

Although I was broke broke, I had a community day where those who lived in the community were more than welcome to taste the food that I would serve during the remainder of the summer season. I made a lot of money that day. I opened in June and closed the first week of September and made enough money where I didn’t have to quickly look for a job.

Once the season ended, I began to look for employment. Although, I had enough money to sit on, I did not want my account go under a certain amount. I went on a million interviews, I did not get hired. I was really starting to think that I was not going to find a job. I mean every time I would interview for a position, the interviewers would say how they loved me and how I should be expecting a phone call and nothing happened. No call ever!!

The blessing in the mess…….

12/21/2018 I had an interview scheduled. At this point, I am like, “Whatever” not excited, I am just going to go. Well, how about this same day, my man gets admitted into the hospital. It was the worst thing I could have experienced in my life.

I pushed through and still went on my interview. When I got there, I met with director of the organization and we immediately clicked. I applied for a part time position because I knew once it gets warm, I wouldn’t NEED anything full-time. However, I am always open to an growing opportunity.

After talking with the director, it was evident that I could bring lots of value to the organization, so she created a fulltime position so that I would be able to receive benefits. I am literally getting paid to fulfill my life’s mission.

It’s a beautiful thing man.

I went from being fired to having a position created.

Won’t he do!

If you need support in creating your best life, contact me today!

Be blessed yall!