How to guarantee SUCCESS in your service based business!

I have been putting a lot of thought into this lately. I see a lot of people who portray that they are in business. However, what I find is that being in business is about more than having and selling a product or service.

Yes I said what I said.

Having a service that sells and or being able to sell any product are both great qualities and are crucial in business but it is not everything you need.

And if you have a product that sells but don’t have other parts of your business in order, you WILL fail.

In today’s article I am sharing with you , I have found to be key factors in having a successful service based business. I am speaking as a consumer and a business owner.

Lets get into it

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How to Repair a Broken Heart After Sudden Loss

Happy New Year!

I thought I would have said that sooner, but you would not believe what I experienced the first week of the New Year.

First, for the last 5 years on January 4, I take a moment of silence for my grandfather who I lost in 2015 due to pancreatic cancer.

This year I woke up on the 4th determined to have a great day and not mourn my grandfather but reflect on the good times.

I was having an amazing day until I got the phone call I will never forget.

Around 7pm that night.

I was awoken out my sleep and told that one of my favorite people had passed away.

It was so unreal because I was just on the phone with him less than 48 hours from the day he passed away.

Not only that, but he died the same day that his father, my grandfather, passed away.    

Yea it was a lot to deal with.

This was the greatest lost that I had dealt with in my life!

When I talked to him on Saturday the 2nd day of January of this year, he was laughing, and he sounded healthy.

We had one of the best conversations ever.

It is so crazy because I was not going to answer the phone because I had just talked to him a couple days before, but he had called me twice in a row, and when someone calls me twice in a row, I believe its an emergency.

He did not want nothing he just wanted talk lol. That was my uncle!

I am going to miss my uncle!

Anyways, as I was going through this mourning period.

I recognized my community, virtual and reality, was grieving and mourning as well. A lot of people I know are dealing with their own loss.

Today I will share with you some tips that I am using that is helping me get over the pain. Hopefully, these tips can help you too!

Let’s get into it

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Gaining Clarity: A Boss Experience

Last week, I sat down and I got CLEAR.

I got clear on the vision and the mission that I have for my life.

I initially decided to discuss that topic because I wanted to support my tribe, you, in getting clear on your personal life’s mission and having a productive year and life.

A lot of people were coming to me saying that they were confused and didn’t know what direction they should go.

After completing the exercise for myself, I gained even more clarity on my purpose and how I want to spend my days in my old age.

If you have not completed the previous exercises, I encourage you to do so right away.

This week, I have spent a lot of time thinking about what I want my 2021 to look like.

I asked myself,

“What am I going to do in 2021 to help me fulfill my mission?”

“What am I going to do in 2021 to get me closer to the life that envision for myself?”

Asking myself those questions helped me to put a lot of things in perspective.

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How to Reduce Your Anxiety in Your New Online Business

Hey Boss Momma!

If you are a aspiring boss momma who is developing an online business or you may already show up in this space, the following thought processes and steps that I decided to take in developing my business this week may be helpful to you!

So keep reading!

This week in my business I made some BIG decisions.

Some BIG decisions that I am proud of!

I told you already in the last post that I decided to choose my niche.

Lol was a big deal for ME.

I already thought about changing it again yesterday.

I found myself saying,

 “Antinette you should focus on women. You don’t want to leave out the women who don’t have kids.”

I had to tell myself,

“Shut up! I said what I said.”

In my Nene Leakes voice.

I am focusing on MOMS who are ready to start their own business or take on leadership roles in their personal and professional life.

When you are starting your own business you have to make a decision.

There are going to be many roads that you can go down.

Choose 1. Dominate that field and then move forward if you so choose.

This week I also been focused on STRATEGY!

When you make a decision, you then have to come up with your strategy.

Because I am developing a life that I do not have to vacation from, I have to engage in work that I love so it doesn’t have to feel like work. If that makes sense.

This week, I have been developing a strategy that I will be able to implement for the long haul.

We only have 24 hours in a day.

Half of my day I already have commitments.

I am a stay at home mom, girlfriend, teacher, entrepreneur, maid, cook, and more.

I can’t be out here doing too much.

That is how people get burnt out.

The last couple of weeks I was producing major content

And it felt good, but I knew that although I liked what I was doing, I would not be able to keep that up longterm.

Then my weekly reading confirmed it.

The theme: “My strategy will reduce my anxiety”. This was a call to look at my strategy, because honestly my anxiety was on the rise.

So I been focused.

I been focused on 2 things, but before I get into it

Ask Yourself, “The way I am working right now. Will this be effective in the long run?”

If you answer was NO to the question above, focus on the following 2 questions.

  1. What is the ultimate goal that I am working toward right now?

The Ultimate Goal that I am working toward right now, in my career, is getting paid to create value online.

2. How can I easily show up in this space?

When I reflected on how I can easily show up in this space, I thought about

  1.  what it is that I love to do
  • It was clear that I loved writing. There are times when I am recording my podcast or doing something else that has nothing to do with writing, and I find myself wishing that I am writing. I like to write. That comes easy to me.
  • I love blogging as well. When it comes to showing up easily, I thought about how  by me narrowing my audience, I would be able to  expanded my message by talking to a particular group of people. Also blogging will help me to be naturally consistent. Consistency is key online.

2. what I like doing

  • I like the podcast. I like the blog and the podcast because I can show up crusty and/or musty and no one knows or cares lol.

3. what is stressing me out

  • What was stressing me, was trying to combine all this together. My strategy was all wrong as it pertains to showing up in this online space.
  • Also, I didn’t have my target audience down so it was hard for me to develop my message and be clear with who I am talking to. I was clear on what but not on who!

Today though I came up with an online strategy that will support me in reaching my business goals! My strategy is way more specific but the following sums it up

Moving forward:

  1. My central form of communication will be my blog. It just makes sense. I literally wrote this in less than an hour. I love writing. And after writing my book, I see myself doing more of it. In many forms. Also, the numbers are a motivating factor. Yall be tuned in! Thank you!

Your Take Away: Choose 1 way to dominate in this online space. Are you a blogger, vlogger, social media influencer.

2. My podcast & YouTube Channel topics that I choose will piggyback off what I am talking about on my blog for the week.

Your Take Away: If you choose to be apart of other platforms reuse the content from your main choice of communication. This way you don’t have to recreate content all the time.

3. The goal of my social media moving forward is to engage with my community, direct community to my website and to sale my products.

Your Take Away: Knowing your goals, help you to create objectives that will support you in getting closer to your goal

This week’s realizations, are really going to help me develop clearer messaging, reach my target audience and customer, and reach other business goals.

I hope you can use the above tips on your journey in developing your online business.

If you want support developing in developing and achieving your business goals, I encourage you to schedule your clarity session today!

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The Benefits of “Niching Down” in Your Business

Hey Boss Friend,

It has been a minute since I actually sat down and wrote you!

I have been putting so much time into developing other parts of this brand that I have not been able to do what I love the most.

And that is write.

The last couple of weeks have been enlightening and I am making some big decisions regarding my brand and my voice.

There will be some revamps coming soon to my website and I am truly excited about my present and especially for 2021.

Here is a heads up!

Beginning today, you will begin to see my content change!

I finally decided to do something that I have been resisting for 2 years and that is choosing a “niche”.

If you have been following me for a while, you know that this has been a real struggle for me.

I struggle because I do not want to leave anyone out.

However, I am pass that!

Since I have been seriously focusing only on this business for the last couple of months, I have realized that I will be burnt out if I don’t focus on one group of people to develop and build up.

As I began to think about who and what I want to focus on, I began to think about me and my life and what would be “easy”.

When I say “easy” I don’t mean without challenge, but “easy” to incorporate with my lifestyle.

I want my brand to represent me fully and I do not want to do or be too much outside of myself to attract my tribe.

Because I am building a virtual business, I realize that I have to create content that speaks to a particular group of people.


There are 7.59 billion people in the world.

There are 3.81 billion people on social media.

Me trying to speak to everyone just isn’t effective for what it is I want to achieve in this online space.

After much thought and reflection.

Here is who I chose



It makes perfect sense.

As a mom myself, with a special needs child, a homeschool teacher to two, and a girlfriend, founder of 2 businesses, times get tough.

I want to speak more to my experience as that.

I want to create a space where I can share my journey regarding my personal life, relationship(s), parenting, entrepreneurship, and a little bit of Tarot lol.

Now that I know who and what I am going to focus on.

Moving forward when I go live, I know exactly who I am speaking to.

When I write my blog, I know exactly who I want to read my content.

I am currently working on an online course and “niching down” has helped me to find my voice as it pertains creating that.

I have truly saw the value in “niching down” so far.

Because some of you have been rocking with me for a while, I wanted to make this announcement, that I am evolving.

I love you all and stay true

To you!

Episode 13: 3 Things You Must Do Before You Start Your New Journey

Hey Yall!

Episode 13 is now here

In todays conversation I share with you 3 things you must DO before you start any NEW journey!

I wanted to have this conversation today because I know that you watching this right now was called to begin a new journey.

You have been called to start a new career, start a new business, a new relationship, maybe a new weight loss journey, whatever journey you are starting, I want to equip you with the tools that you need so that you can have a better chance of being successful on your new journey  

So lets get into it

  1. Recognize

You want to recognize where you are now, why are you here, and the part you played in the situation that led you to this outcome.

2. Commit to HEALING

To heal = to become sound or healthy

Some of you are trying to start something new on faulty ground

3. Be devoted to your GROWTH

You have to remember why you started!

And you must never give up!

God would never put a vision in you that you cannot manifest

I really hope todays conversation was helpful for you



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Episode 9: How to Become an Author in 7 Simple Steps


Heyy Yall!

Whats going on!

Thank you so much for listening to episode 9 of Boss Talk Conversations, a podcast that is dedicated to you Bossn’ up in every area of your life!

August 31, 2020 I made an announcement.  I let the world know that I accomplished a huge goal and wrote my 1st book!!


Get your copy here:


After making my announcement, my inbox was flooded with questions, about the self publishing process. 

In todays episode, I want to share part of my journey. 

I share 7 steps that I personally took to achieve my goal of becoming an author in 7 months!

Yeah you read right, 7 MONTHS!

If I can do it, you can do it too!

Talk to you all soon.

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Episode 9: How to Become a Author in 7 Simple Steps Boss Talk Conversations with Antinette

Heyy Yall! Whats going on! Thank you so much for listening to episode 9 of Boss Talk Conversations, a podcast that is dedicated to you Bossn' up in every area of your life! August 31, 2020 I made an announcement.  I let the world know that I accomplished a huge goal and wrote my 1st book!! Yayyyyy!! Get your copy here: After making my announcement, my inbox was flooded with questions, about the self publishing process.  In todays episode, I want to share part of my journey.  I share 7 steps that I personally took to achieve my goal of becoming an author in 7 months! Yeah you read right, 7 MONTHS! If I can do it, you can do it too! Talk to you all soon. Please follow me on @mynameis_antinette Join my private FB group: Boss Talk Conversation EMail me;
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  2. Episode 8: Boss Decision- Why I Decided to Home School my Children
  3. Episode 7: Fasting | A Boss Experience
  4. Episode 6: How to identify and dispose of the BULLSHIT!
  5. Episode 5: BOSS tip #4 Be willing to leave when you are not VALUED

The Importance of Identifying Your Niche in Business

Hey Developer!

Happy Friday!

This week I wanted to talk to you about a decision that I decided to make in my business.

 I appreciate your support, and I want to keep you aware of the changes that occur, as they occur, because I appreciate you!

For the last year, I have been meditating on who it is that I want to serve through TGN Development Company.

Although, I am passionate about everyone, and I truly want to see everyone WIN, I now understand the importance of identifying your customer profile in business.  

My major struggle I had with this process was that I felt like by choosing a niche, I was going to leave people out. I thought of it like I would be excluding people from my services. Now I know that it does not have to be that way.

If you remember, last year, I could not choose one “niche”, so I picked three:

Youth. Parents. Human Service Professionals

I believe that the 3 groups above are the glue that hold society together.

After operating under that business model for a year, I see why it is not best practice.

The main challenge that I noticed was operating in that manner made it difficult for me to identify and speak to my customer of one. Since I could not identify and speak to my customer of one, it was difficult for me to create content, create products, and get to know my customer.

After much thought, consideration, and prayer, I have decided that moving forward, I would like to begin fully focusing on Human Service Professionals.

Why you ask?

  1. I can still support intervene in the lives of the 3 groups that I care about the most
  2. Human Service Professionals have the ability to pay for my services.
  3. My educational background. I graduated in 2012 with my Bachelors in Social Work and continued my education receiving my Masters in Administration of Human Services
  4. My experiences. I get into my experiences in the video below. I encourage you to watch the video in its entirety and please press the subscribe button while you are there!

I am still deciding the ways in which I am going to be able to make the most impact in this industry, however, I envision supporting Human Service Professionals in

  • Implementing best practices
  • Obtaining raises
  • Obtaining leadership positions
  • Starting their own side hustles

I am truly excited for this journey!

If you support my brand and my content, can you please spend 5 minutes to complete the survey below:

I have a question for you…okay 2 questions:

  1. How did you decide the population/niche you were going to focus on to serve?
  2. Was the process of choosing challenging for you?

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3 Ways You Are Holding Yourself Back From Living In Your Purpose & Reaching Your Goals!

Hey Developer!

Happy Wednesday! I hope this week is treating you well.

On the journey to your greatness and living in your purpose, you have to be careful of the number one enemy that can stop you from reaching your goals and living in your purpose and that enemy is…..


The image that YOU have of YOU is stopping you from obtaining the peace that you deserve and moving forward with your goals.

Some of us think to highly of ourselves, while others don’t think of ourselves enough.

I want to share 3 reasons why your self-image is holding you back and what you can do about it.

The self-image is holding you back because it is

  1.  Based off the Ego– if you think to highly of yourself, you may be arrogant, cocky, self-centered. If you think to lowly of yourself, you may engage in behaviors that I call “easy to do” behaviors, like, fighting, being promiscuous, being in relationships that do not serve you.
  2. Developed between ages of 0-5– The foundation of who you are, was built between the ages of 0 to 5 years old. That is Social Work 101. You could live to 100 years old and your most critical years would still be ages 0-5, if you do not engage in the process of healing, this could be detrimental for some. We all have been through some trauma and drama. Revisit the younger you and the younger days and identify that in which you need to heal from. That person is there waiting for you.
  3. Based off the concrete mind– Your self-image is only focused on the physical. What you look like. The materials that you can obtain. The things that you can see. Concrete mind sees things as they are, and not as they could be.

“Your self-image can get you through the door, but it can’t help you do the work.”

As discussed in the article below

The self- image cannot help you overcome any challenges.

The self is devoid of matter and energy. It can do NOTHING without the spirit. The SELF image is the same way!

When it comes to your purpose, obtaining peace, developing habits, increasing your finances, and healing, your self-image can’t help you with none of that!

There are 2 images that need your attention, the HUMAN image and GODS image!

In order to live in our true purpose, we have to understand that we must replace the ideas about ourselves that derived from

our ego, the early part of out being, and our concrete mind

Take note:

  1. your thoughts (verbal or images) control the harmony that you may or may not have in your life. The harmony and or disharmony you have in your life will attract the physiological and social events you engage in.
  2. The set of ideas that you have about yourself (verbal statements that define who and what you are) determine our self-image. Our self-image controls the harmony that we may or may not have in our lives and the social and physiological events that we experience.

Don’t allow your self-image to hold you back any longer

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Until next time!

The Business Plan: The Foundation to Your Success

Hey Developers,

Last week, I finally did a thing!

I engaged in my 1st interview for my Youtube channel “Antinette Develops”.

Antinette Develops is a channel dedicated to supporting the mind, body, and soul of every individuals so that they can be successful in their business and personal lives.

I have been wanting to add interviews to my channel for so long, but I did not due to FEAR.

Not knowing how it would turn out.

Not having all the tools I felt I needed to move forward.

Well that is dead!

No longer will I continue to make moves based out of FEAR.

Elevation requires separation from the old person that you use to be so that I can be the person God called me to be.

Below I share with you my Interview with Danya Woods, CEO of “So You Need A Tutor?”

Danya Tiara Woods is a motivated servant enhancing the lives of today’s youth through education, community outreach and mentorship. Serving as an educator and a member of her school’s leadership team, she supplements her expertise with hands-on, interactive activities that are both engaging and educational. Danya successfully owns and operates a tutoring company, So… You Need a Tutor?, LLC spanning across Delaware’s New Castle County. She employs a team of passionate, professional and patient educators and administrators who build confidence and independence in each K-6th grade student.

She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from Wilmington University and is a proud member of the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

Danya’s strong family ties, tenacity to be successful and willingness to serve others have sustained her through challenging times. These traits will continue to make a way for her as she strives to impact society by living a life that testifies to the notion that the sky truly is the limit.

About Antinette Develops

Antinette Develops is a brand that is dedicated to developing the mind, body, and soul of every individual so that they can be successful in business and their personal lives.

We fulfill our mission by

1. Creating valuable content

2. Facilitate workshops

3. Hosting events

4. Coaching (Individual or Group)

That teach skills and strategies that support our people in developing healthy habits, developing peace in their life increasing their finances reaching their goals goals If you are struggling with any of these components in your life Please visit to schedule your free growth session today! If you are looking to partner in other ways please email Thank you

The following interview is FIRE and I encourage you to watch it in its entirety. I do not want you to miss a thing that she says.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there. Every Monday at 9 am a new video will be posted that will support you in reaching your goals.

Much Love. Until Next time