Celebrate Your Success

It’s Sunday so you know what that means….

Tarot time, one of my favorite days of the week!

Last week, the cards spoke to the fact that I am elevating to a new plane.

I am a BOSS and I have to stay focused on my strategy and keep my feet to the ground to manifest my desires.

At the same time, I was also called to rest and relax, letting me know that its possible to do both. I do not have to over exert myself when it comes to reaching my goals.

The overall theme for this week calls for me to celebrate.

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Heal Your Heart to Manifest and Maintain Your Desires

Before I share the messages the cards revealed this week, I think it’s only right that I give an update regarding last weeks predictions

Last, the cards stated that I would be receiving some news this week that would have me jumping for joy. I assumed I was going to get a phone call but I did NOT receive the phone call that I was referring to.

It’s cool though because I received other messages that had me jumping for joy!

  1. I was informed of an online training that led to funding opportunities that will allow me to expand my business. I reached out the contact on the call and I have a meeting scheduled for January 6, I will keep you updated!
  2. Also, one of my good friends and clients reached out to me and let me know of a resource/blessing that will support us in facilitating a project we are planning in 2021.

I was too hype!!

Outside of that, I have been taking the role as the leader in my life more seriously, not just in business but all areas.  Listening to my spirit and trusting my intuition.

I am officially on the board of Black Mothers in Power, an organization focused reducing the disparities that Black women face in maternal healthcare.

I have been engaging in a lot of positive self talk and trying my best to stay calm.

Now lets get into this week’s reading.

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Episode 15: How to Create A Routine That Allows You to Do It All!

Hey Bosses!

In episode 15 of Boss Talk Conversation, I will share 1 POWERFUL strategy that will support you in creating a routine that allows you to do ALL that you HAVE to do and all that you WANT to do in that the time that you have.

If you struggle with not having enough time or you want to do more for you, in the time that you have, it is a must that you listen to episode 15!

Using this strategy has really helped me to take control of my life and my time.

Your time is your most valuable asset!

How you spend your time is VITAL to your success!

If this is your struggle, allow me to support you in overcoming this obstacle in your life so you can WIN!

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I hope you find this episode valuable!

Talk to you later!

3 Ways You Are Holding Yourself Back From Living In Your Purpose & Reaching Your Goals!

Hey Developer!

Happy Wednesday! I hope this week is treating you well.

On the journey to your greatness and living in your purpose, you have to be careful of the number one enemy that can stop you from reaching your goals and living in your purpose and that enemy is…..


The image that YOU have of YOU is stopping you from obtaining the peace that you deserve and moving forward with your goals.

Some of us think to highly of ourselves, while others don’t think of ourselves enough.

I want to share 3 reasons why your self-image is holding you back and what you can do about it.

The self-image is holding you back because it is

  1.  Based off the Ego– if you think to highly of yourself, you may be arrogant, cocky, self-centered. If you think to lowly of yourself, you may engage in behaviors that I call “easy to do” behaviors, like, fighting, being promiscuous, being in relationships that do not serve you.
  2. Developed between ages of 0-5– The foundation of who you are, was built between the ages of 0 to 5 years old. That is Social Work 101. You could live to 100 years old and your most critical years would still be ages 0-5, if you do not engage in the process of healing, this could be detrimental for some. We all have been through some trauma and drama. Revisit the younger you and the younger days and identify that in which you need to heal from. That person is there waiting for you.
  3. Based off the concrete mind– Your self-image is only focused on the physical. What you look like. The materials that you can obtain. The things that you can see. Concrete mind sees things as they are, and not as they could be.

“Your self-image can get you through the door, but it can’t help you do the work.”

As discussed in the article below

The self- image cannot help you overcome any challenges.

The self is devoid of matter and energy. It can do NOTHING without the spirit. The SELF image is the same way!

When it comes to your purpose, obtaining peace, developing habits, increasing your finances, and healing, your self-image can’t help you with none of that!

There are 2 images that need your attention, the HUMAN image and GODS image!

In order to live in our true purpose, we have to understand that we must replace the ideas about ourselves that derived from

our ego, the early part of out being, and our concrete mind

Take note:

  1. your thoughts (verbal or images) control the harmony that you may or may not have in your life. The harmony and or disharmony you have in your life will attract the physiological and social events you engage in.
  2. The set of ideas that you have about yourself (verbal statements that define who and what you are) determine our self-image. Our self-image controls the harmony that we may or may not have in our lives and the social and physiological events that we experience.

Don’t allow your self-image to hold you back any longer

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Until next time!

Manifesting 101: How to Manifest Anything You Want In Life

In the beginning of my personal success journey, I was led down a spiritual path.

I found that your spiritual growth and development is vital to you manifesting your God given purpose in life.

For the past 2 days, I been trying to figure out the best way to summarize the video for you so you would not have to watch it, if that is not your thing.

However, in order for you to get the full message, I strongly encourage you to listen to the video below.

I have come up with this,

In the beginning of my journey, I was led to the understanding that in order to manifest what God has for me, I had to recognize and understand the two parts of me.

There is “The Self” and “The Not Self”.

The Self is the person you see when you look at in the mirror every day. It is the labels you identify with. The Self has no energy, no power, no strength. The Self is your EGO.

The Not Self is the SPIRIT. It has no identity.  The Not Self is unconsciousness. The Not Self is what I like to call the Executioner.

You can’t accomplish shit without The Not Self. Once your spirit leaves your body, you can’t do anything with your Self. The Not Self has all the ENERGY and composed of MATTER (physical substance), unlike The Self.

If you want to live the life that God has for you, you have to understand that there are 2 parts of you that need to be cultivated, The Self and The Not Self.

The Self needs The Not Self to carry out the intentions of God.

You have to cultivate The Self and The Not Self to MANIFEST what you want in LIFE!

Talk to you soon!

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