Why You Haven’t Started Your Business….Yet?

So you want to start a business?


It sounds cliché but a well thought out “Why?” determines whether you will have a profitable business or not.

Let me explain what I mean.

I have found that there are 3 types of business people in this world

  1. Those who are motivated by their purpose
  2. Those who are motivated by money
  3. Those who are not motivated at all

If you fall under the category of the unmotivated.

You probably aren’t reading this post right now, so I won’t spend much time here.

But what I will say is, if you are around an unmotivated adult, you can’t change them, but you can expose them to certain situations and experiences, if they are open to them, great. If not, move on.


If you are motivated by money. That’s cool.

However, I have found that people who are only motivated by money will either

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Define Your “Why”: A Guide to Developing Your Purpose

Your “Why?” is the most important definition you can have.

When I first started to develop this message, my focus was going to be solely on helping entrepreneurs discover their “Why?” in business.

However, my little voice spoke to me and said,

“Nette, this message is not for the business owner, it is for the common man (woman lol).”

So I am expanding the word.

Let me be clear when I say, your WHY equates to your PURPOSE and there is PURPOSE in everything that you do!

Have you ever asked yourself why were you born?

Can you imagine God responding to you and saying,

“My child, I made you to work, pay bills and to also take care of your children for at least 18 years, if you decide to have them. Then you can retire at 75 and experience the good life.”

I guarantee you, that is not the response you would get.

Today I want to share 5 reasons why your why is important and end with 10 questions that will support you in developing your purpose!

Your why is important because

  1. Your WHY ignites your journey. Your why lets you know the direction in which you should go, when moving forward with in life and business
  2. Your WHY keeps you going when you want to give up!
  3. Your WHY keeps you focused
  4. Your WHY helps you to stay connected
  5. It is bigger than you!

Here are 10 questions that you can use to support you in developing your PURPOSE?

  1. When you step in the room, who and what is it that you represent?
  2. What is your ideal dream job?
  3. What makes you angry (DIG DEEP)?
  4. What is your ideal career?
  5. Who is depending on you?
  6. What causes are you passionate about?
  7. In what ways do you help people?
  8. In what ways do people depend on you?
  9. What type of life did you dream about when you were younger?
  10. If you could change anything in the world, what would it be?

BONUS: Imagine you had a bottle with a genie in it, and you were granted unlimited wishes. What would you wish for to make your life and humanity better?

P.S If you need support in developing your PURPOSE please press the link below to schedule your complimentary clarity session. I want to support you in developing your GREATNESS!


Until next time….