Why I Am Going Back To Therapy & Why You Should Go To

Hey now!

I am giving it another try, I am taking my butt to therapy……AGAIN!

I tried going in 2019, however, it did not work out. I attended about 3-4 sessions and after the therapist kept showing up late, I ended our relationship.

Quickly after that I quit my job and I could no longer afford therapy anymore or so I thought.

Did you know that Medicaid pays for therapy? Yes they do!

When I was working, my sessions were close to $100, and now that I have Medicaid, my sessions are FREE!

I plan on taking full advantage of these free sessions for sure.

I really enjoyed going to therapy. It was one hair where I could spend 1 hour with an unbiased person talking my issues and my problems.

The first session…as soon as I opened my mouth, the tears started flowing. Second session I was told that I had anxiety and the sessions did not last too much longer after that.

Now I am going back and I am determined to find someone I can connect with and who can really support me and give me the tools that I need to get out of my own way.

This time I am being more specific with my search. I don’t just want any therapist.

 This time I would like my therapist to be a minority, preferably Black, a woman, and someone older than me.

Studies show that a person who has a helping professional who look like them, has a greater chance of being understood and being helped.

My last therapist was my age.

I felt like she was too comfortable. She was so comfortable to the point where she would cuss in our sessions. I am a cusser, but I feel that the professional is always supposed to maintain a certain type of professionalism.

This time, I am not only being more specific in my approach I am being more specific in my healing.

DISCLAIMER: I believe that every living person should see a therapist at least once. Commit to a few sessions and see what comes up for YOU!

The main reason I am seeking therapy this time around is because I suffered a great loss recently.

Grief is so crazy when dealing with a loss that is unexpected.

I didn’t think I would cry anymore since the last time I cried. I knew the thoughts would remain but I thought the emotional part was over.

I was wrong!

Literally 2 days ago I started crying and crying. I was cool. Then this song came on and I just busted out crying.

 That’s grief tho’.

I have to remind myself. It’s okay to feel emotions, but don’t stay in that sad place for too long.

I also want support in processing the fact that I “feel” I lost the last father figure I had.

I say feel because my “dad” is still alive but I don’t have the tools or will to rebuild that relationship honestly.

I think about  wanting to have a good relationship with my dad, but the relationship is inconsistent so I don’t know how to handle that.

I need help.

Last but not least, I need support in my relationships, platonic and romantic.

When it comes to communicating, intimacy, connecting.

 When you don’t have a relationship with the person(s) that birthed you.

When the people who gave birth to you literally neglect you and ignore you, it does something to you.

For me, to not feel that pain of the experiences I was dealing with in my life anymore I had to build BIG walls.

Walls that would support me in not feeling, reacting, or responding when I feel neglected, ignored, or any other emotion that does not make me feel good.

Those walls that I have built are now affecting the relationships that I am having as an adult.

It affects the self-talk that I have about certain situations.

It affect how I respond and react in situations and I believe that most of my thought could cease if I communicate but I don’t want to say the wrong thing in the wrong way sometimes.

If you know me personally you might say “No, not Nette.”

Most times I’m gone say what I want because that is how I was raised, but I really be sparing people man. Lol.

I don’t want to spare people and I don’t want to hurt people either, I just want to be heard and say what I have to say, in the most respectful way possible.

So that why I am going to therapy.

I want to show up as my best self every day and I know therapy will support me in doing that.

My first appointment is Monday!!

I am excited and I will surely be back to let you know how it went.

Are you someone who has experienced some form of trauma or have been involved in some type of drama that has affected you in a major way?

I encourage you to go to therapy!

Schedule that appointment.

It is time to take the necessary steps for you to heal so you can manifest the life you deserve.

Alright now.

Until next time…..

Episode 12: Who is Antinette Develops & What Do I Do to Support You?

Hey hey

Episode 12 is a pre recorded Live that first aired, yesterday, 10.12.2020.

During yesterday’s live I answered 3 questions:

1. Who am I?

Not to brag or for sympathy. But for transparency purposes. My goal is to build a relationship with you and telling YOU my story is my way of letting you in.

2. What do I do?

I do a lot, all in the name of supporting the people I serve in designing and living their best life. I want you to know all about it!

3. How it benefits YOU?

My purpose is to support YOU in designing and living YOUR best life while making sure that I do the same. If you ready to make some moves but haven’t gotten started for whatever reason.

It is time that we get to know each other NOW!

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How Voting Directly Impacts You!

Happy Tuesday!

Today is election day in Delaware .

This election is more important than the presidential election.

The people who are elected into office locally, directly impact the systems that are in place that you personally come in contact with every day.

I’m talking about the school system, housing, healthcare, employment, unemployment, welfare. All that.

Now is the time for us to be involved in all aspects of society.

I had the privilege of having two friends run for office this political season.

One of my friends is running for City Council and my other friend ran to be on the school board.

It was an amazing experience to witness two young Black women fighting for important community positions.

The elections that I am discussing were not on the national news.

The elections weren’t publicized, but they were and are life changing.

This political season, by being an involved community member and seeing the community work together and vote, I was able to see

  • A March continue after the mayor wanted to cancel, because he was scared of the damage that it would do to downtown City of Wilmington.
  • A school district keep all their extracurricular activities because they were going to get rid of all the things that make school fun and not jail.

I also was able to see how

  • when you have certain people in office who don’t agree with your values, they can override how the community feels about certain issues if they have the power to do so

For example,

Your Mayor is a developer and he wants to build and tear down the community you grew up in and fine you for not being able to afford to fix your house that you been living in wayyy before he got there. And then when you cant afford to pay the fines, because you already can’t afford to fix up your house, he proposes, the city takes it away from you.

It’s crazy out here!

The only way a person can have the ability to do what they want to do in your environment, in your community, is if you let them.

And ignorance of what is going on out here is not an excuse.

If 2020 hasn’t taught you anything else, it had to teach you that being involved in your local community, especially if you are in environments that have low income and high crime is crucial.

The livelihood of you, your parents, and your children depend on your involvement in the systems that are in place where you live!


Until next time!

Meet Alethea Smith-Tucker: From Corporate America to Stay at Home Mom to Education Advocate

On this Transformational Tuesday, I would like to introduce you to Alethea Smith-Tucker is a wife, mother of two boys, an education and community advocate. She is the founder and principal business consultant of Help U Produce, LLC and a Christina School Board Member- Elect. Her official swearing-in will be in July. When Alethea isn’t working with her clients, spending time with family or devoting time volunteering, she enjoys reading, dancing, and diy projects.

During our conversation, Alethea shares her transition from being in corporate America to becoming a stay at home mom and how that ignited her passion for being involved in community and education advocacy.

If you have children in the public school system and you care about their success, it is a MUST that you watch the amazing video below!

Listen as she shares

the organizations that she has partnered with to ensure that her children and the children in her community have an impactful educational experience.

If you have children in Christina School District in Wilmington, De, she shares the initiatives she plans to implement during her 5 year tenure as school board member.

If you do not have children in the Christina School District, continue to listen to learn ways in which you can strategically partner and intervene in the educational system for the success of your children and the children in your community.



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