The Business Plan: The Foundation to Your Success

The Business Plan: The Foundation to Your Success

Hey Developers,

Last week, I finally did a thing!

I engaged in my 1st interview for my Youtube channel “Antinette Develops”.

Antinette Develops is a channel dedicated to supporting the mind, body, and soul of every individuals so that they can be successful in their business and personal lives.

I have been wanting to add interviews to my channel for so long, but I did not due to FEAR.

Not knowing how it would turn out.

Not having all the tools I felt I needed to move forward.

Well that is dead!

No longer will I continue to make moves based out of FEAR.

Elevation requires separation from the old person that you use to be so that I can be the person God called me to be.

Below I share with you my Interview with Danya Woods, CEO of “So You Need A Tutor?”

Danya Tiara Woods is a motivated servant enhancing the lives of today’s youth through education, community outreach and mentorship. Serving as an educator and a member of her school’s leadership team, she supplements her expertise with hands-on, interactive activities that are both engaging and educational. Danya successfully owns and operates a tutoring company, So… You Need a Tutor?, LLC spanning across Delaware’s New Castle County. She employs a team of passionate, professional and patient educators and administrators who build confidence and independence in each K-6th grade student.

She is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership from Wilmington University and is a proud member of the illustrious Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

Danya’s strong family ties, tenacity to be successful and willingness to serve others have sustained her through challenging times. These traits will continue to make a way for her as she strives to impact society by living a life that testifies to the notion that the sky truly is the limit.

About Antinette Develops

Antinette Develops is a brand that is dedicated to developing the mind, body, and soul of every individual so that they can be successful in business and their personal lives.

We fulfill our mission by

1. Creating valuable content

2. Facilitate workshops

3. Hosting events

4. Coaching (Individual or Group)

That teach skills and strategies that support our people in developing healthy habits, developing peace in their life increasing their finances reaching their goals goals If you are struggling with any of these components in your life Please visit to schedule your free growth session today! If you are looking to partner in other ways please email Thank you

The following interview is FIRE and I encourage you to watch it in its entirety. I do not want you to miss a thing that she says.

Please subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there. Every Monday at 9 am a new video will be posted that will support you in reaching your goals.

Much Love. Until Next time