There Is No Ceiling!

There Is No Ceiling!

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There is no ceiling!

I was talking to a group of middle school children the other day about goals and how the goal is always to be better than the best!

To support them in overcoming the obstacles that they face when living a  goal driven life, I created affirmations and we repeated the affirmations as a group!

The first affirmation stated, “The goal is to be better than my parents”

Someone asked, as I hoped someone would, “What if you have the best parents in the world?”

My response, “You can still be better than them!”

This conversation caused me to think about the ceilings we place on our lives because of what we see or have not seen! Because of what we experience or have not experienced!

I am here to tell the person reading this today that THERE IS NO CEILING!

What is a ceiling?

I consider a ceiling to be two things,

  1. a self limiting belief
  2. the excuses we use to support us in staying in our comfort zones

What ceilings have you placed in your life that is preventing you from going to the next level?

Examine your money habits. Are your habits hurting or helping you? Do they support you in going to the next income level?

Have put on ceiling on the way that you manage and engage in your relationships? Are the teaching of your past preventing you from elevating to the next level of trust and respect in your relationships?

What beliefs do you have that are preventing you from having a career that you love and enjoy? What ceilings do you have in place that are preventing you from elevating to the next level?

Do you have any ceilings in place as it pertains to your leisure activity? When was the last time you did something for you?

What ceilings do you have in place regarding your health and fitness? What habits are preventing you from elevating that fitness goal that you have?

What ceilings do you have in place regarding who, what, and how you give? Giving without expectation  is crucial to your success!

4 Tips to support you in busting through ceilings

  1. Be willing to do something you haven’t done before.
  2. Be willing to identify the holes in your foundation and commit to fixing every nook and cranny.
  3. Be willing to speak up!
  4. Give more!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read “There is no ceiling”.

If you like what you read, take some time to watch the following video, where I discuss in detail what you have read!

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