Weekly Tarot Predictions for 12.13.20

Weekly Tarot Predictions for 12.13.20

I have been thinking about ways in which I can naturally show up in this space in 2021.

A few weeks ago I felt my anxiety begin to creep in. You know she always lurking around the corner lol.

I was stressed.

The vision that I have for my life does NOT include me stressing over creating content for you for weeks at a time.

So I been thinking,

“how can I show up and show out for you on a consistent basis that works for me and YOU?”

One thing I know for sure, I want to document my journey more.

I struggled with what that would look like in the past, but I am getting an idea of what that will look like in 2021.

Every week, I do a weekly Tarot spread on myself to support me in making decisions and staying focused on my personal success journey.

As a way to support me in documenting my personal journey, I am going to document some of my personal predictions, statements, affirmations and downloads I receive from my weekly readings.

I think it will be fun to see how the readings and predictions play out in my life.

Some people don’t believe in Tarot.

I do.

If Tarot isn’t for you. That’s fine. Come back tomorrow. I have some new content dropping then!

So let’s get into it.

I pulled these cards 12/12/2020 @ 6:00 am. I used four different decks to get the following weekly messages!

When I pull the cards I asked

“Spirit please provide me with any messages and or advice for the week of December 13th

 Here are some of the following messages I received from spirit:

1. I will receive some good news this week. This news will pertain to how I can serve myself and others more effectively

*I feel like I have an idea of what this is pertaining to. I have been keeping this a secret because I am waiting for the phone call! I am hoping I get the call this week!!

2. I need to meditate and go within to find my answers and to make my moves. My truth is there.

*Last week, I was being called to do the same thing. I did meditate once. I will meditate more this week.

3. Don’t engage in petty gossip and be knocked off your square by petty superficial distractions

* I truly needed this reminder. Last week I was annoyed by the actions of another and it had nothing to do with me but the advocate in me wanted to say something. This was my reminder to NOT be involved in a petty fashion. Thank you spirit!

4. Follow my intuition!

*I pulled The Hermit & High Priestess! When I say my truth is within. It is not a game! I must go there!

5. I am happy and content but long for more.

*Very true. Last week, literally was saying how much I love my life. But there are still goals that I must reach! I am happy, content, and comfortable to an extent but the grind don’t stop!

6. I am in a leadership position. I am wise, have integrity, honest and intelligent. I can trust myself and my decisions.

*This pertains to that good news I am receiving this week and also to the other roles that I am taking on as I grow and elevate! I have to trust myself.

7. I am being proactive, taking charge, and super motivated

*I am looking forward to the good news but I am not waiting on it. I am going to make things happen either way

9. “I am choosing who I am becoming and I run toward it with conviction and consistent motivation.”

*Great affirmation. I wrote it down as a reminder

10. Peace, love, and staying calm in a crisis are the best ways to express strength. Be calm and confident when walking toward your hearts desire. Be without aggression.

11. The news I receive will have ne jumping for JOY

*Another card another reminder that I will be receiving some good news this week!!! AYYEEEE

Alright, that is it, that is all!

Next week, the post will be shorter because it will not include that long behind intro.

Thank you all so much for reading!

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