What is preventing you from building your relationship with God?

What is preventing you from building your relationship with God?

Hey Manifestors!

Here is your weekly manifestation message.

Disclaimer: This message will not apply to everyone. As my momma would say. Eat the meat and throw away the bone.

Lets get into it.

There is a person in the tribe who has been sleep for far too long and it is time to wake up.

You have been experiencing some hard times, stuck in a “dead” situation, attached to a “dead” state of mind.

Nothing new can grow when it’s surrounded by “death”.

You might not see it yet, but everything that you are going through is being orchestrated by a higher power. (Which I refer to has God, but this higher power has many names)

The time is now for you build a relationship with your spiritual self so you can grow, heal, and live in alignment with your divine power.

Do you really want to heal or do you like the struggle?

What is keeping you from building a relationship with God?

Don’t blame God for the acts of human.

God has been calling you to join him on this journey for a while but you have been resisting the call.

This not a call you want to miss at this time in your life.

Whatever you are holding on to, it is time to release it. Let it go and heal.

It appears that you have these goals and dreams that you want to accomplish but you keep getting hit with obstacle after obstacle.

You always prevail, because you are built Ford tough, however you know deep down inside the journey does not have to be this hard.

You are resilient but you also are tired.

You often find yourself asking God, “Why me?”

Things keep happening to you because you have been neglecting your spiritual self.

The time is now for you to get to know you on a spiritual level.

Work on building your personal one on one relationship with God.

This relationship will be crucial to your healing and transformation.

Once you begin this new and powerful spiritual journey, you will then begin a new, powerful, and beautiful life journey.

I encourage you to be excited for what is coming your way.

Another major transformation. But this time this transformation will be external after going through your internal transformation.

You will begin to live a life where you are inspired and full of energy. Where you are ready to take on the world. (A complete change from where you are today).

You will go from feeling overwhelmed to having clarity.

Instead of feeling like you don’t have any control of the direction in where you are headed in life, you will realize that that thought is not true.

You are a natural born leader and you will begin to use those qualities.

You raise your expectations.

You transform from the caterpillar to the butterfly.

You set new goals and You have the tenacity to see your goals through to the end.

Before you felt powerless and now you have all the power!

With this new found power, I wouldn’t be surprised if you start your business, passion project, or accept a new leadership position.

Once you get out of your own way and build that 1 on 1 relationship with God, your spiritual self, things will begin to move in a way that you never imagined.

Things begin to move at a rate that you are not use to.

Strengthening your spirit will support you in making better decisions on your new journey!

You have come too far to be acting, thinking, and moving in the same way.

While writing, here are some activities that I came up with that may support you on your journey


Things to do

  1. Go to church
  2. Meditate
  3. Read the bible
  4. Listen to Dr. Myles Munroe on YouTube
  5. Listen to Sarah Jakes Robert on YouTube
  6. Write down what you are having a hard time releasing on paper. After you are done say out loud, “I release you. You no longer have a hold on me. I now move forward.” Cry if you have too. Then burn that paper. This physical action will help you to release what you are having a hard time letting go of.
  7. Write down the response to this question, “What do I want?” Don’t limit yourself.
  8. Light candles, play music, and spend some alone time with yourself celebrating what is to come. Greatness is coming your way

I hope this message resonates with at least one person in my tribe, if that person is you, let me know.

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

Talk to you soon!


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