If you are ready to enter a partnership that will guide
you along a process that will assist you in

  1. Gaining clarity about the direction in which you are headed
  2. Getting unstuck and taking action
  3. Overcoming the obstacles you face while on our personal success journey

I encourage you to complete the contact form below in its entirety. You can also email tgn@antinettedevelops.com. I will respond within 24-48 hours. Thank you


My intuitive readings are focused on supporting you in gaining clarity in the situation you are currently facing. If you need clarity regarding your current situation and would like to receive insight from the cards, I encourage you to click “I’m Ready” now.

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Are you looking for someone to design and facilitate a workshop/training that will support the groups you serve in elevating personally and/or professionally? Our workshops are 100% tailored to me the needs of the group. If you have a group that can benefit from these transformational workshops, please click “I’M Ready”, to discuss ways in which we can support you!


Are you an entrepreneur or leader of a Human Service Organization and need support with meeting your organizational goals? Click “I’m Ready Now” to discuss ways in which we can support your organization in reaching its goals.

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Do you need support with starting and growing your business? What about developing strategies that support you in reaching your long-term business goals? Click “I’m ready” now to see how I can support you in starting and/or growing your business.


Click “I’m Ready” if you are ready to see how I am able to support you in growing through the necessary transformations needed so you are able to reach your personal, professional, and relationship goals.

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