Episode 16: How to Deal With Conflicting Priorities and Multiple Task?

Hey Bosses!

I want to welcome you to Episode 16 of Boss Talk Conversation where we discuss strategies that will support you understanding what conflicting priorities look like and how to choose when they arise!

I decided to focus on this episode today because a lot of you have voiced that, as it pertains to time management, you struggle when its time to DECIDE between priorities that are equally important.

I didn’t realize until I started working on this episode how often this arises in my life!

I know I am not the only one!

In episode 16, I also share with you 4 questions that will support you in making decisions that you are proud of when you faced with conflicting priorities!

I hope that you find value in the information I provided in this episode!

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Thank you so much!

P.S If you have not had the opportunity to check out the last episode, please do so

Please enjoy your weekend!

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